It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Recently the G.O. asked me for internet search assistance to procure spare parts for his motorcycle project. I realised I’ve been sourcing one thing or another somehow or another since I was fifteen years old. It all began with automotive spare parts at my dad’s garage followed by a couple of work placements he arranged … More It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Why but why not?

Mid December last year I was seeking new things to do in 2021, and signed up for A Year of Writing to Uncover the Authentic Self course with Rachel Astor via DailyOM. Lesson 1, in a nutshell, asks “Why take this journey?” “What are the roadblocks?” and invites “Let’s mine those experiences for insights and … More Why but why not?

I asked my neighbour about its life . . .

Another ‘branching out’ story inspired by comments to my Out on a Limb post, our city apartment’s leafy neighbours and the article Erskineville’s newest housing project. Dedicated to the G.O. for whom the big eucalypt tree neighbouring our balcony is a balm to city life. “I’m a relative newcomer to what they call this now… the … More I asked my neighbour about its life . . .

a story of Us

Do you believe in love at first sight, serendipity, synchronicity, fate or meant-to-be? Sara commented on my story the long way ’round” my favourite ever stories are ‘how we met’ stories” and other commenters shared snippets of their own. Kate said… “You only have to read Celi’s account of how she and Our John met, missed, met again and married. … More a story of Us

when the bough breaks

In February, I was out on a limb trying to come up with a ‘branching out’ themed short story to enter Country Style Magazine’s short story competition. Thanks to some inspired suggestions from comments to that post, I managed to cobble together an entry just before the cut-off date. Winning $5000 and being published in a … More when the bough breaks

Telling a book by its cover: Guest Blogger Kourtney Heintz

Last time Guest Blogger author of The Six Train to Wisconsin Kourtney Heintz graced EllaDee with a guest appearance, it was about Believing… in what you do, and putting in the work. As K.C. Tansley, Kourtney writes “YA contemporary fantasy. None of the quests and knights sort of stuff. More like one foot in this world and … More Telling a book by its cover: Guest Blogger Kourtney Heintz

out on a limb

From time to time I dabble in short story writing. For the past few years I’ve entered Country Style Magazine’s short story competition. The theme for 2015 is ‘branching out’, and I’m stumped! Last year, inspiration came to me via a dream. But so far this year my dreams have been the crazy fare of … More out on a limb

toil and trouble

Not much older and only a little wiser after the demise of marriage #1, I embarked optimistically on marriage #2. Two of the players stayed on for the second act, Baddy and Jack, my cats. The cast welcomed Bo, an Australian Cattle Dog, who adored them both. I met the man who would become Husband #2 for the … More toil and trouble