Gorgeous One, Happy Valentine’s Day

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I dream of a wider world: deserts, beaches, rivers, red dirt, rocks, trees, grass and sky. I dream of feeling the heat and the rain. I dream of smelling sunshine, damp earth and campfires. I dream of you holding my hand in these places. We’re not quite there yet but at least you’re holding my hand. ♥

in search of dinosaur footprints

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Once I found out there are dinosaur footprints at Broome, Western Australia, that was it, it was high up on my bucket list to see them.

As is my way,  I didn’t worry too much about the details but when the G.O. & I had the opportunity to plan a trip, it was #1 destination. When we got there, there were the details: the dinosaur footprints believed to be from the Cretaceous Age approximately 130 million years ago are only visible at very low tides and they are 30 m (98 ft) out to sea, so you have to scramble down the rocks on the edge of the ocean at Gantheaume Point and search for them. It did make an adventure and I had a few bruises on my butt, as well as the photo’s for trophies.

“A beginning is only the start of a journey to another beginning.”

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June 2007, with the excuse to celebrate the G.O’s birthday, was the beginning. Although we’d been friends forever and together for a couple of years, we’d been too busy sorting our lives out to do such crazy things as road trips but courtesy of a huge amount of frequent flyer points I’d accrued over the course of a work project, we had the means to fly to the Kimberley region of Western Australia, then on to Darwin, NT, Australia using both places as bases for exploring. Hallelujah, we had a whole 2 weeks, which turned out to be about 10 weeks less than the amount of time we needed to sanely do the trip.