Surry Hills Festival

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Sydney neighbourhood festivals and street fairs although occurring at usual times of the year and well advertised daytime events, are similar to The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern*,  in that they are “an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements” and temporary: if you miss them, you have to wait until next year, as happened to us with this year’s Haberfield Primavera street fair.

No matter, Surry Hills Festival in the backyard of Sydney’s CBD is my #1, and on Saturday after my walk on the wild side, I ventured to my old neighbourhood and wandered down Cleveland Street, to immerse myself.

Surry Hills Festival  is a celebration of music, arts and the vibrant community of the City of Sydney’s most iconic suburb.  The annual Surry Hills Festival is a primary fundraiser for the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre, providing funding for the centre’s community services. Prince Alfred Park will be transformed into an oasis of arts and culture and you can expect: Music, arts and everything in-between; a fantastic array of market stalls – handmade, vintage, ethical, eco – treasures abound; the annual Surry Hills Dog Show – a festival favourite… and much more.”

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*”This is not magic. This is the way the world is, only very few people take the time to stop and note it. Look around you,” he says, waving a hand at the surrounding tables. “Not a one of them even has an inkling of the things that are possible in this world, and what’s worse is that none of them would listen if you attempted to enlighten them. They want to believe that magic is nothing but clever deception, because to think it real would keep them up at night, afraid of their own existence.”