us and them

  Local Inner West resident and artist Thomas Jackson painted the George Street wall of Hive Bar in Erskineville, a comment to the recent Western Australian government’s shark cull that began on January 26. It was so much easier to blame it on Them. It was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us. If it was Them, then nothing … More us and them

the beast

street art, Rochford Street, Newtown, Sydney, NSW Australia Sunday, the Sabbath day of rest I woke, crying mourning the life we feed the insatiable six headed monster working week Monday again the beast, is back.  

a game of tag

In the comments to take the money and ride…  I was asked “what’s tagging?” I responded “Tagging is where the graffitists spray letters or a symbol that represents themself or their gang, and as they often spray over street art or indiscriminately, they are quite unpopular.” But as Frederick R. Barnard said in 1921, a picture … More a game of tag

paste and paint

The kids have been out & about, transforming the neighbourhood into a mixed media collage. “Scissors, paste, images, and genius in effect superseded brushes, paints, models, style, sensibility, and that famous sincerity demanded of artists.” René Magritte “If one looks at a thing with the intention of trying to discover what it means, one ends up … More paste and paint

rich in life

Last weekend I came home from a school reunion in Tamworth, feeling rich in life. This weekend it was business as usual, with domestic goddess duties on Saturday, and on Sunday hanging out in the neighbourhood with the G.O., amidst the treasures of inner city life. .

Old & new in Newtown III – new kids on the block

Is this a spray can turf war? Are the Inner West street artists using selfies to mark out territory?   Overnight* the buxom young lass on the corner of Bray & Concord Streets who replaced an alien being, changed to a young man. Earlier this year this portrait replaced the alien wookie-like creature and our … More Old & new in Newtown III – new kids on the block

Old & new in Newtown III – the abbey

Life is pretty dull quiet at Chez EllaDee & the G.O. but luckily what we lack the neighbourhood provides, just a short walk away. King Street, Newtown (Inner West, Sydney) 2 blocks from our apartment offers all varieties of cafes and restaurants, shops, markets, stalls and businesses for browsing, or actual business. On Sunday we had business to attend … More Old & new in Newtown III – the abbey

Old & new in Newtown II – the wild wild [inner] west

I walk the same route to the train station each Monday to Friday morning, and sometimes on weekends. Enroute there’s a typical inner-west house on the corner of Bray & Concord Streets which has a nice garden, a white cat, a yellow canary and residents who appear correspondingly typical. This is their fence, as it … More Old & new in Newtown II – the wild wild [inner] west

Old and new in Newtown

Even residing locally for over 8 years, there’s always something to see in Newtown, so after leisurely coffees while the washing machine did a Sunday morning load, we walked a circuit of Sydney Park and visited the water birds and swans (Henry goes off to spend some ‘me’ time at the top pond, and one cygnet is … More Old and new in Newtown