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The G.O. and I came up with a plan to sneak off for a quiet a couple of days away. At least that’s how we thought about it until an inspirational daily quotations message “Going for guilt-free play” popped up in my In-Box.

“There is no pleasure in having nothing to do. The fun is in having lots to do and not doing it.” ~ Mary Little.

That, last weekend, we only drove an hour and half south and were gone just under 48 hours doesn’t reflect how happy we were to have a change of scenery and time together.

We’ve just emerged from the worst part of our year, winter months with few public holidays or 2 day weekends for the G.O. The dry season weather meant production in full swing.

It’s a fine balance to encourage the G.O. to take a Saturday off for no other good reason than to have a break. His work waits for him, often augmented, upon his return and he never departs without exhortations of are you sure you can’t change your plans

When I utter the words I’m worried about you, they are met with why? A couple of weeks ago having not seen him between daylight and dark 6 days a week I risked expressing my concern. It may be that when I responded to his predictable why? with I need a new hobby to fill my time, the G.O. took the not-so-subtle-hint, and arranged the following Saturday off work. It may also be that his feet are still bloody sore, and he is tired.

Kiama, NSW Australia
Kiama, NSW Australia

Lack of notice and only a single day conceded gave me carte blanche to book somewhere nice. I tossed up mountains vs. beach and luckily came up with beach, given that bushfires began to rage around the Blue Mountains shortly after.

As we still haven’t fulfilled our outstanding visits and spent much time with our nearest and dearest we didn’t broadcast our excursion. It seems along with the wine and sunscreen I packed, some guilt snuck in there too.