the seed grows into knowledge and life

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You are what you eat. You are every dollar you spend. Read labels. Choose wisely. Care. Make a difference.

Recently while I was reading Michael Pollan’s book “In Defence of Food“, in lieu of a horoscope while the Moon was in Taurus, No GMOMoonology reported there were no major astrolinks so drew a Sabian Symbol and delivered this message ” THE SEED GROWS INTO KNOWLEDGE AND LIFE: You may feel that you are not growing or developing properly, maybe dissatisfied at your perceived failings. Things take time to develop and, rather than being rushed, need to be nurtured to develop in their own time. It is important to start small and grow.”

These posts from The Table of Zekki and Meeka’s Mind & among many others, highlight the risks we are facing. This is just one instance. Control the seeds. Control the world. What else are we losing control of? How much of our lives and future can money and Big Business buy?

This is a call to all Anons. March Against Monsanto is May 25th.