love comes in rainbow colours

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rainbow of roses

weary worker man

end of day tired buys a

rainbow of roses

weary worker man

rainbow roses forgotten

at home left in car

unsunny Sunday

weary worker man ponders

what he is missing

weary worker man

remembers rainbow roses

oh! brightens her day

weary worker man

snoozes unsunny Sunday

end of week tired

weary worker man

brightens unsunny Sunday

oh! just being home.


Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney – Rosy (2)

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I needed to shop during my lunch break today, so thinking to follow on from yesterday I detoured via the Rose Garden in the Royal Botanic Gardens, took far too long snapping pics but could have lingered longer as it is a lovely area. I had to speed walk down to George Street, grab the items I needed and sushi, then rush back to the office for lunch as I was starving.



Later, this is how the evening began…

999 Evening

30-05-2013 2-34-44 PM