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On the back of the Super Sweet Blogging Award Lord David Prosser generously also nominated elladee_words for the Blogger Award* with the proviso “just so she doesn’t get off too easily she’ll have to do the following”:

1. Thank the person who nominated her and add a link back to the blog. Thank you David.

2. Answer these 5 easy questions.

a) Romance or Humour in books? Both. I recently read Laurie Boris’ The Joke’s on Me. IMG_20130531_070756_edited

b) Favourite meal? Anything the G.O. bbqs for me.

c) Monarchy or Republic for the rest of Europe? No preference but there’s a new royal baby, which is nice.

d) Following Ancestry or looking to the future only? I’m something of a dorrie ancestry-genealogy-family history (anyone’s) tragic, and I’m sure more than one disinterested person has considered running away screaming while I’ve waxed lyrical.

e) Favourite music? At the moment I’m listening to Seasick Steve, courtesy of Buried Words & Bushwa.

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