the beast

street art, Rochford Street, Newtown, Sydney, NSW Australia Sunday, the Sabbath day of rest I woke, crying mourning the life we feed the insatiable six headed monster working week Monday again the beast, is back.  

art in the park

green grace breathing space pause between brick two trees a seat simply to sit brief respite linger awhile with your thoughts they played the aliens beings of colour they sprayed the wall a brighter place smile awhile suspend reality accept the gift take joy walk away believing it magic. Street art park at St Peters end … More art in the park

only for sheep

Somewhere in Erskineville there’s a flock of colourful sheep but down towards St Peters 3 colourless creatures have turned up under the Coulson St railway bridge, and each day I pass they cause me to contemplate the difference between my existence and theirs. I haiku’d these thoughts. faux sheep flat city life monochrome facsimiles supplant the real … More only for sheep

doggy dilemma

The once was a dog named Perko, Who went a little berko, As there was no tree And he needed to pee But fire hydrants are off limits in Erko.