burned and bruised

Bushfires ravage the periphery of Sydney and around the state. The weather has been hot, windy and dry. Bad. It’s only October. And it’s getting worse. There’s a cooler southerly change expected that only means the wind will change direction. There are already more than 90 fires burning and 100 homes lost in less than … More burned and bruised

dead waters

I want to thank FrontRangeScribbles and Meeka’s Mind for the opportunity to nominate irresponsible, greedy mining companies and irresponsible, greedy politicians for the Golden Toilet Award.

money on the streets

This morning I had a chance to browse the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper online, and came across an item headlined “Word on the street” in the Money section. I love street art. It’s one of the attractions of my Sydney city fringe neighbourhood. I love it when it goes up, and hate it when some … More money on the streets

false happiness

The Sydney Morning Herald, that overrated purveyor of what passes for news, at 1.44 pm May 23, 2012 made an astounding announcement “Smile, we’re the world’s happiest nation” and just in case we didn’t get the point included this photo of a delightful smiling child. You could, but I wouldn’t bother, click the link to read … More false happiness

The Rising Sun

As posted on the Taylors Arm Community page “ANZAC Day at Taylors Arm seems to grow in popularity every year, and is well supported by the local community and beyond. The Taylors Arm sub-branch of the RSL (the smallest in the state!) has an active base, and fundraises throughout the year in order to bring … More The Rising Sun