a journey of sorts . . .

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear… Without fully realising I’ve been needing-looking for a creative project I’ve been feeling the lack. And, I need a creative outlet that gets me out of the kitchen, doesn’t involve flour, butter, sugar, eggs, food processor, saucepans or washing damn jars.

out on a limb

From time to time I dabble in short story writing. For the past few years I’ve entered Country Style Magazine’s short story competition. The theme for 2015 is ‘branching out’, and I’m stumped! Last year, inspiration came to me via a dream. But so far this year my dreams have been the crazy fare of … More out on a limb

people power

Newtown Community Market is successful enough that in 2012 it won a council-supported business achievement award. Popular enough that last year the organisers, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, lodged a development application to expand its ongoing operation, but eliciting objection to the effect “they stole customers from bricks-and-mortar retailers” and votes from a number of Marrickville councillors to actually cease operations. The … More people power

in good company

Earlier this week I attended an inspiring forum addressed by Natalie Isaacs, CEO/Founder of 1 Million Women “a community of women determined to act on climate change”. The forum touted as being about climate change pleasantly surprised me by conveying ideas on the same page as I am about sustainability. Natalie communicated a worthy message about collective power “As women … More in good company

under the influence

I’m under the influence, no, not of alcohol, I never touch a drop if I’m driving, or drugs regardless. In the kitchen, I’ve been known to sip a glass of wine when making dinner plus use it as an ingredient, and it’s not even that. I’m under the influence of bloggers, some named below and others who … More under the influence

ringing in the new

2014 has a different feel to it than the past couple of years. Something needed to change. I mulled it over for a couple of months. And faffed about with other things, joining Pinterest and Instagram, until inspiration hit me… I’ve given elladee_words a makeover, and my other WordPress blogs elladee_images and elladee_places are on hold … More ringing in the new

Ollie & Vin

In my short story Henry forgot to write “eat, eat”  I wrote “There are ghosts in my kitchen. I know who these ghosts are. They are familiar to me”, and chronicled various family members who turn up from time to time. But there are ghosts who weren’t familiar to me. Ollie whose kitchen in fact it was until 1980, and … More Ollie & Vin