you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone

Today I spent most of the day in the kitchen… In addition to needing to do dinner prep, we were out of: bone broth but had beef bones; tomato & chilli jam but had tomatoes and chillies; fresh bananas but had frozen. All the recipes I needed I’d recently and conveniently compiled on a new Useful … More you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone


Time, where does it go? Time since my last blog post? 45 days. Time since we moved from Sydney to Taylors Arm? 1729 days. Time since Coronavirus travel and social distancing restrictions were first imposed in Australia? 171 days. At time of writing. These past few months I’ve been haunted by a dream I had … More Timing…

dear friends…

Once upon a time many years ago when I first began blogging a curious non-blogger friend asked “is blogging like being a pen pal?” At that time in early 2012 I was launching missives into an electronic ether… so my bemused answer was “not quite”. Not long afterwards I commented and followed and made my … More dear friends…

March past . . .

Despite getting a bit creative with the title it’s evident, notwithstanding the best of intentions, for the moment monthly round-ups are the only posts I’m managing to blog* with the exception of my spur-of-the-moment #covid19 post last week. Even with our focus on Covid-19 life here is busy-ness as usual. Amidst it all I’ve completed … More March past . . .

In My Kitchen: I want what I want not what you’ve got. It’s my money.

Our planet is a mess. Our world is a mess. Our economies are a mess. Our politics are a mess. Our food culture is a mess. Too often I feel just one person -me- can’t do enough about saving the planet, changing the world, fixing the economy or persuading politicians… other than making my vote count at the next election by choosing as … More In My Kitchen: I want what I want not what you’ve got. It’s my money.

In My Kitchen: fellowship

Once again I wasn’t sure if I’d manage it but once again I’ve scraped in before the 10th of the month IMK cut-off which makes me very happy because via this post I wanted to highlight the loveliness & friendship of our blogging community, and thank some special people.

In My Kitchen: up close and personal

​With the festive season approaching and in view of our imminent shift to Taylors Arm I’m attending early to Christmas gift strategies and shopping. Resigning myself to the inevitability of on-demand occasion-dictated gift exchange but hopped off the consumer-retailer spending hamster wheel, once again I’m favouring gifts of products we’ve enjoyed this year, purchased locally … More In My Kitchen: up close and personal