Life after 70

When I started blogging, it didn’t occur to me that one of my finest sources of material would be my Dad, but here it is, #3 in the Ron chronicles. A couple of weeks after Dad’s 70th birthday, and my gift of rock cakes to him, I speak to him on the phone, and he … More Life after 70

ebb & flow

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”… is attributed to John Lennon but much quoted by the rest of us when our tender dreams never see the light of day.

oh no, not nanna…

I’m fighting urges to get a tattoo, shop at Zara and book a backpacker holiday to Asia. Concurrent to the birth of 47 year old Collette Dinnegan’s second child making SMH news, for the second time this year a high school friend of the same age became a new grandmother, announcing via a Facebook message … More oh no, not nanna…

the two of us

I’ve been known to say I like my own company. It’s easy, I’m never alone because there are two of me. My favourite numbers are 11 and 2. I’m a Sagittarian – astrologically half wo-man, half horse. I’ve been considering this propensity for duality in light of yet again splitting myself between two existences: city … More the two of us

art of the heart

Inspired and invited by Roughsea’s Art for arts sake (2) post, I gathered a selection of photos of pictures (taken for posterity in case the house burns down) which have found their home with the G.O. & I over many years, and each have their own story. I confess, this isn’t even close to all we have, … More art of the heart

not-so-fine dining

Big news in Sydney this week is Restaurants in recession: Sydney kitchens face harsh winter. The comments are worth a read even if the article is a run-of-the mill SMH offering. Also from SMH there’s Appetite for Sydney: our campaign to support restaurants offering deals “including minute steak with French fries, salad and a glass of … More not-so-fine dining