Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a fair-haired young lass who yearned to explore the mysteries of family history and whose adventures took her to times of yore and whereabouts distant. “Dead or alive, interesting people are interesting people.” ― Noel Riley Fitch Let me clarify there is no doubt as to the G.O.’s parentage … More Once upon a time…

Ollie & Rudi

My family history research journeys are seldom linear. They often provide opportunity for side trips. Most recent, the culmination of almost a decade of stop-start-meandering. It got me thinking about family and friends who keep company with us on our life journey and at the same time are journeys in themselves.

a good missus

One of the quainter ways the G.O. expresses his appreciation of me is the by the reassuring accolade “you’re a good missus”… However, I’m not even remotely in the league of one of his great-great-great-great grandmothers, Harriet Hodgetts. While the convicts of the Second Fleet were waiting to depart England the Home Secretary, William Grenville sent … More a good missus

All’s well that ends well – Matthias & Eupham

As well as blogging to caretake my sanity I also dabble in family history. I love it, mine or anyone else’s. There’s always interesting stuff to rummage through. With the advent of the internet and various ancestry and genealogy websites, depending on the depth of research you want to undertake, web searches can offer up … More All’s well that ends well – Matthias & Eupham