2012: what you didn’t see

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If you are a follower of elladeewords you’ll have read about the demise of my beloved blogging tool, my smart phone. If you haven’t read the post I ask you to consider it’s “far better to learn the lesson than to be the lesson”… and step away from your phone if you’ve had a tough day.

Both the G.O. and my phone contracts are up next month, and we have a spare unsmart phone I’m using for calls & text while I undertake a due diligence process before making a 2 year commitment to new phones. But, the unsmart phone doesn’t take photos of any quality. Our digital camera is somewhat cumbersome to wander around with, so elladeeimages is in hiatus.

The circumstances of the demise of my phone also resulted in it requiring professional attention to recover the photos, which were last backed up in early November 2012. Of course backing up Nov 12-Feb 13 was an item on my 2013 Return to The Post Holiday World To-Do List which I hadn’t ticked off. Cross your fingers for me please. There were holiday snaps and future blog post photos that would be a blow to lose.

In the meantime, of the backed up and fortuitously downloaded photos I do have, I chose an image from the archives of each month of 2012 that didn’t get posted, and put together art in the everyday: 2012 retrospective of elladeeimages.

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who gives a toss?

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calling a spade a spade…

I give a toss.

I might need to get out more… My usual weekday lunch is tuna & brown rice salad at my desk, but I was on secondment yesterday, not lunching at my desk, wandered in to the MLC Food Court (Sydney CBD) to pick up my favourite lunchtime sushi… and these bins were everywhere. May as well say what you mean, I agree.

the men’s shed

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The Men’s Shed posts are photos taken by the Gorgeous One. This is a photo of his current shed tucked up under our old house. One of the G.O.’s aims is to supplement it with a bigger stand-alone shed & carport in the backyard. His workshop-shed is an eclectic mix of old, new, useful, just-in-case and just-because. A bit like the Men’s Shed posts.


the great aussie ute

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Street art country-style down the side of the Noble Auto Repairs shed in Hickory St, Dorrigo NSW Australia