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take me to that special place

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Our Christmas Turkey (lower LHS)  guardian of the gifts
Our Christmas Turkey (lower LHS) guardian of the gifts

Our bags and bits ‘n pieces are packed. Work is almost done for the year. Gifts wrapped in brown paper and shiny ribbon wait beneath our well loved Christmas tree, discovered under the house. Each year we decorate it wondering about its provenance.

In a couple of days we’ll make the drive north for holidays at our home at Taylors Arm, sweetened by the knowledge we won’t be city-bound again for a few weeks. Holidays for the G.O. & I means free time together & at home, beaches, day trips and relaxation.

Holidays at Taylors Arm also means no internet access so I won’t be visiting virtually during those few weeks but my thoughts will touch on the blogworld from time to time.

As well as the festive season -our tenth Christmas together at Taylors Arm, it’s my third blogiversary. To celebrate, I’m sharing a meditation I wrote that takes you to special place of your own choosing.

The words of the meditation are printed on a photo of the hills we see from the back of our home at Taylors Arm.
A very special place for me.

Wishing you all the very best with love and light and happiness.

♥ EllaDee

take me to that special place

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