to err is human, a pumpkin is divine

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Youngest Sister (Y.S.) called me one evening only a few days after we’d had a long chat on the phone for her birthday. My immediate reaction was to secretly panic… “oh God please don’t let her want me to go wedding dress shopping”. Yes, it was the sister who is the bride to be.

Sweet relief was mine, when she asked “how do you make your pumpkin soup?… now”. Y.S. understands the recipe evolves over the years. And remembers her mother’s adventurous substitution of cottage cheese for ricotta during the epoch of the low fat version… served as a warming starter at our brother’s winter 21st birthday party.

I’m not sure how I came to be the pumpkin soup guru of the family. Possibly because Dad is open in his dislike for pumpkin… “cow food”. Pumpkin wasn’t much on our menu, and never pumpkin soup.

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