Sweet nostaglia

Autumn, not only my favourite season but one where nostalgia for the good ol’ days kicks up a notch as well as fallen leaves. Beyond the blessed rearview mirror perspective of festive season bullshit bustle, and with its tendency to confer gentle weather [although less than optimally wrought in 2022], mid-autumn notably also heralds the … More Sweet nostaglia


An idea came to me this morning while I was vacuuming in the hallway and glanced up at this old picture hanging on the wall among many similar from the past of various family members… During this #covid19 time while we’re #physicallydistancing but #sociallyconnected let’s share via our favourite social media… photographs and/or thoughts -daily, … More #homeiswheretheheartis

carved in stone

Each workday from my desk (courtesy of a recent fortuitous reshuffle) I now gaze at a reminder of the way my and the G.O.’s  ancestors arrived in this country. By ship. Through Sydney Heads. For me it’s a reminder of how fortunate he and I are that they did.

Ollie & Rudi

My family history research journeys are seldom linear. They often provide opportunity for side trips. Most recent, the culmination of almost a decade of stop-start-meandering. It got me thinking about family and friends who keep company with us on our life journey and at the same time are journeys in themselves.

a good missus

One of the quainter ways the G.O. expresses his appreciation of me is the by the reassuring accolade “you’re a good missus”… However, I’m not even remotely in the league of one of his great-great-great-great grandmothers, Harriet Hodgetts. While the convicts of the Second Fleet were waiting to depart England the Home Secretary, William Grenville sent … More a good missus

a skulk of foxes

Back on home turf at Newtown Community Market last Saturday the G.O. and I met a group of fox rescue people. I was immediately intrigued since as a little kid I encountered story book Foxy Loxy of Henny Penny notoriety and the real version on my grandparents’ farm – somewhat unwelcomed by the grown-ups as we had chooks, I’ve been fond … More a skulk of foxes

Aunt Emma

I share a love of Trove* with Metan of Buried Words & Bushwa. Metan posts about quirky historical newspaper articles, I trawl through Trove for family history snippets. Trove came to the rescue last week, during a Facebook discussion within the Murrurundi Memories group. RM: there was a swinging bridge there and a lady called … More Aunt Emma

All’s well that ends well – Matthias & Eupham

As well as blogging to caretake my sanity I also dabble in family history. I love it, mine or anyone else’s. There’s always interesting stuff to rummage through. With the advent of the internet and various ancestry and genealogy websites, depending on the depth of research you want to undertake, web searches can offer up … More All’s well that ends well – Matthias & Eupham