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She’ll be apples, mate – Right?

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As is my habit during the course of a Saturday morning I did our weekly food shop at the local Eveleigh Farmers’ Market. When I returned home I made a cup of tea, and settled in with the lunch I bought: gluten-free mushroom, kale and leek tart made from, the friendly stall-holder informed me, market ingredients. At the computer I arbitrarily clicked on ABC News. The first headline I saw was

Federal Government scraps food grants program

“The Federal Government has scrapped the $1.5 million Community Food Grants program.

The funding was announced last May by the former Labor government as a key initiative of the National Food Plan.

It would have seen money invested in projects such as farmers markets, food co-operatives and hubs, community gardens, and city farms across the country.

But applicants have now been advised by letter that the program has been reviewed and a decision made that it won’t be continued due to the ‘tight fiscal environment’…

…The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is also disappointed. The alliance’s national co-ordinator, Nick Rose, says it was the first time that work by the community food sector had been recognised at a federal level…

…A spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture says the Australian Government remains strongly committed to a vibrant, innovative and competitive agriculture sector…

This is why the government is developing a White Paper Agricultural Competitiveness, which will drive long-term agricultural policies and ensure Australia’s agriculture sector remains a significant contributor to the national economy and local communities.

The White Paper will take into account the analysis done for the National Food Plan, in the context of the government’s agriculture and food related policies.

A priority of the White Paper will be to generate jobs, boost farm gate returns, investment and economic growth in the agriculture sector…”

So, the Federal Government is ditching a scheme where 364 applicants have gone to the trouble of placing submissions for grants. Instead of fulfilling it even to some extent, simply by virtue of a change of government more time and money will be diverted to a White Paper to reinvent the wheel. Rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water could they not reassess the submissions and at least make some grants?

If the government insists on the White Paper, I suggest a field trip to Eveleigh Farmers’ Market, both to buy great fresh produce and to talk to the stall-holders/producers. Read the rest of this entry »

Get thee to a farmers’ market

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Each Saturday the country comes to the city for the Eveleigh Farmers’ Market located in the old railway workshop & yards at 243 Wilson St, Darlington (not far from Redfern Station).

“Every Saturday, local NSW based farmers and artisan food producers bring their fresh and seasonal produce they grow, rear or make direct to the Market for the community.
The Market is home to over 70 regular stallholders who sell a wide range of farm fresh products, from source to hub, for all your weekly grocery needs. Every Saturday, foodie lovers can find a variety of goods including seasonal fruit and vegetables; organic produce; beef; lamb; pork; poultry; dairy; artisan bread; smoked fish; olive oil; boutique wine; breakfast from celebrated chefs, and gourmet fare from dips to chutneys to sweet and savoury treats.”

As Eveleigh Farmers’ Market is located in our old neighbourhood we witnessed & anticipated the development of the old rail yards & workshops precinct, the G.O. making a hands-on contribution rehabilitating the shed housing the Eveleigh Markets.

We love markets, and Eveleigh Markets was a favourite, handily only 2 blocks from our old apartment. So it was this drizzly Saturday morning, the G.O. unusually not at work, we ventured the now 2km walk to stock up on goodies. In preparation we grabbed a couple of strong shopping bags and stopped at the ATM en route. Returning home the wallets would be light & the bags heavy.

The haul: baby cucumbers, Yalla guava yoghurt, Yalla vanilla yoghurt + chocolate mousse, Fine Fettle Zucchini & Almond flats, roma tomatoes, red onions, lemons, Ausbuff Stuff buffalo sausages & buffalo mozzarella, Otway Red potatoes, Sapphire potatoes, wholemeal sourdough bread (which the stall holder explained was infused with ginger syrup to make it more suitable for the gluten intolerant), new season pink lady apples, new season mandarins, falafels, Warrigal Greens (Aussie native spinach), zucchini flower fritters, brie, Farmgate organic free range bacon, swiss brown mushrooms, Pepe’s duck sausages, brie, spiced pear tart, choc walnut brownies, Lush plain yoghurt.

As well as purchasing, we entrée’d on free samples of cheese, yoghurts, felafel, sweet apples, crisps with baba ganoush, truffle infused olive oils & stuffed vine leaves (neither to the G.O.’s taste), tiny pieces of melt in the mouth steak, and brunched on Moobi Valley Meat steak sandwiches.

Once home, we refuelled on spiced pear tart & choc walnut brownies with dollops of Lush yoghurt accompanied by strong coffees.

Even though slightly exxy, the rest of our purchases with what’s already in the fridge & cupboards will provide us with a menu for the week:

Dinner tonight of duck sausages, baked Otway Red potatoes, and for me Warrigal Greens (Australian native spinach).

Dinner tomorrow night of buffalo sausages, baked Sapphire potatoes, salad of buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes & red onion.

Midweek dinners of:
Zucchini & Almond flats, brie & pink lady apples.
Falafel and salad of baby cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions.
Toasted wholemeal sourdough bread with swiss brown mushrooms sautéed in butter.
Zucchini flower fritters with Farmgate organic free range bacon and salad of baby cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions.

Weekday snacks for the G.O.:
Yalla guava yoghurt.
Yalla vanilla yoghurt + chocolate mousse.
New season mandarins & pink lady apples.

Breakfasts & lunches for me:
Lush plain yoghurt with berries & my own homemade muesli.
Sourdough bread, Warrigal Greens, baby cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, buffalo mozzarella.

“Hobbits love their food and enjoy simple, home country food and drink like home-brewed beer and wine, soups, stews, roasted meats, lots of fruits like apples and blackberries which they grow and pick.” Bilbo Baggins