everyday magic

Sometimes I get so caught up in the workings of day-to-day living I forget things; often which home something is at – we’ve been wondering for a week about the location of an item thinking it was at Taylors Arm but it was right here in the city apartment on a shelf in plain sight.

better than

Marianne via her East of Malaga’s CBBH Photo Challenge: Food asks “Is there a food typical of your country or area where you live?

It’s evolution, baby

It took a month or so but I kicked many of my supermarket shopping habits and assumptions, and the accomplishment felt and tasted good. It’s the nature of evolution to reach out and hold hands with change as it marches along. Getting ourselves in step, the G.O. and I encountered other assumptions and habits we … More It’s evolution, baby

habits and assumptions

Mid-August, I wrote we shop as much as possible from farmers markets. A couple of weeks later I had cause to question that bold statement. Did we? As much as possible? Really? You see, I’ve been following Celi from thekitchensgarden’s September Home Grown Challenge, and considering my own practices. It led me to realise, yes, I shop from farmers markets, and … More habits and assumptions

bella figura

In the midst of all the important things happening in my life, don’t blink or you’ll miss them, one is in neon lights. That would be Christmas lunch. Not to be confused with when the G.O. a few years back, in competition with our over the road neighbour draped the front verandah in neon chaser … More bella figura

red gold

It seems my greater world has 2 concerns. In regard to one they are at the mercy of the elements but for the second there is tangible rallying to take control… Last week, we took an extended Labour Day public holiday long weekend and went to check out what’s happening at Taylors Arm. There were 2 … More red gold

la lingua italiana

Australian-English is my first language. My only language. However, I did believe my grasp of the international-food patois would enable me to dine around the world. I can pronounce chah-bah-tah (ciabatta), broo-sket-uh (bruschetta). I can order in many languages… Laksa, Spatzle, Biryani, Pho, Pad See Ew, etc… See, takeaway menus are educational. I even know, … More la lingua italiana

not-so-fine dining

Big news in Sydney this week is Restaurants in recession: Sydney kitchens face harsh winter. The comments are worth a read even if the article is a run-of-the mill SMH offering. Also from SMH there’s Appetite for Sydney: our campaign to support restaurants offering deals “including minute steak with French fries, salad and a glass of … More not-so-fine dining

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are”

Throughout my adult life I’ve said I’m thankful to be able to cook & feed myself, and type & earn a living but now I realise both have given me so much more. However,  I’m not wanting to marry the two so you won’t read a lot of “foodie” content in my posts. Not because I’m … More “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are”