creative spirit…

After all that’s happened this year… and hasn’t happened –thank you Coronavirus pandemic– the new Covid-normal grants us a semblance of reprieve for the festive season. However, it makes little difference to me: our festive season is routinely low-key regardless, moreso this year surrounded as it is by the distractions of medical and life-as-usual busy-ness. … More creative spirit…

In My Kitchen: up close and personal

​With the festive season approaching and in view of our imminent shift to Taylors Arm I’m attending early to Christmas gift strategies and shopping. Resigning myself to the inevitability of on-demand occasion-dictated gift exchange but hopped off the consumer-retailer spending hamster wheel, once again I’m favouring gifts of products we’ve enjoyed this year, purchased locally … More In My Kitchen: up close and personal

ssss. . . sweet nothings

I could cover it off by simply re-blogging one of my very early posts, dear holiday houseguests, from December 2011… but more than a fortnight has passed since the same houseguests’ most recent visit, and my temper is still snaky…

go slow

Amongst the lovely birthday gifts I received recently from the G.O. was also what we refer to as A Present. A Present is something random we occasionally buy but usually find for the other, given for no reason at all. Mostly A Presents are bits & pieces the G.O. finds at work on construction sites, and … More go slow

at sixes and sevens in the eleventh

It’s that time of the year. Not quite Christmas. Not quite holidays. Not quite summer. Life at Chez EllaDee & the G.O. and Sydney’s November weather have been dancing to the same discordant tune, akin to the noise of my recorder playing in second class at school. Weather-wise it’s been four seasons-plus in one day. Plus being torrential rain, fierce winds, hail … More at sixes and sevens in the eleventh

bella figura

In the midst of all the important things happening in my life, don’t blink or you’ll miss them, one is in neon lights. That would be Christmas lunch. Not to be confused with when the G.O. a few years back, in competition with our over the road neighbour draped the front verandah in neon chaser … More bella figura