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Have you thought about writing a bucket list? I hadn’t until I heard about the anti-bucket list (Google it, you’ll get heaps of hits), believed I could do much better, and thought I might as well carry on and write a proper bucket list as well. They don’t include popular experiences such as skydiving, trekking in the Himalayas, visiting Macchu Piccu or elephant rides in Thailand, which appear on both bucket and anti-bucket lists I read…

My bucket list ideas up until now existed only in my head. They evolved over many years, and recently similar to Glenda, i.e. whilst sitting in an office in a high-rise building dreaming of retiring. Interesting to capture them in lists and track how they develop.

Anti-Bucket List

  • Subscribe to Pay TV. If all goes to plan I’ll be too busy to watch anything but a few favourites, and free-to-air seems to be sufficient for that.
  • Undergo plastic surgery, botox. I’m accustomed to the face I see in the mirror, and the hints of those it resembles.
  • Cut my hair short. After half a lifetime of shorter hairstyles I realised my fine hair is best tied back in a ponytail or knotty-bun.
  • Holiday on a cruise ship… I get seasick, and loathe being a captive audience.
  • Bus trips, for similar reasons.
  • Even though Australia has amazing locations, go caving… I hate feeling closed in.
  • Deep sea diving… ditto.
  • Lawn bowls. My aunt devotes much time to the sport but I can’t see me joining her.
  • Daytime TV soaps. My M.I.L. schedules her life around being home at 4 pm to watch her ‘show’.

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