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a skulk of foxes

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Back on home turf at Newtown Community Market last Saturday the G.O. and I met a group of fox rescue people.

Le Fox
Le Fox

I was immediately intrigued since as a little kid I encountered story book Foxy Loxy of Henny Penny notoriety and the real version on my grandparents’ farm – somewhat unwelcomed by the grown-ups as we had chooks, I’ve been fond of them.

Many years ago, at my ex-in-laws the resident farm fox would come some evenings to accept a meal of raw meat bones, and romp on the lawn with their very timid Maltese Terrier.

And, not so long ago one of the local fox population at Taylors Arm having exhausted as a food source the village’s entire complement of poultry made friends with the human residents, becoming quite familiar with its benefactors and welcome of a meal.

Fox fascination continued into adulthood. I discovered the Little Fur children’s books series by Isobelle Carmody – book 2 is A Fox Called Sorrow. Franky Furbo by William Wharton remains one of my favourite novels. “During WW II, a dying American soldier, William Wiley, and his German captor, Wilhelm Klug, are miraculously rescued by a fox endowed with extraordinary powers, Franky Furbo.” And family history research turned up the gem that one of my mother’s ancestors, originating from Prussia, were a family by the name of Voss meaning fox in Low German. Read the rest of this entry »