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Earlier this week I attended an inspiring forum addressed by Natalie Isaacs, CEO/Founder of 1 Million Women “a community of women determined to act on climate change”. The forum touted as being about climate change pleasantly surprised me by conveying ideas on the same page as I am about sustainability.

Natalie communicated a worthy message about collective power “As women we decide about 85% of household purchases. If 1 million women all make one better choice, however small, it leads to real change. We are a community of women determined to act on climate change. Together, our choices and how we live make us powerful! ”

If you would like find out more or be counted among the 1 Million Women, click on the link and join. It’s free and there’s much interesting information on the website, such as that outlined by Natalie describing 1 Million Women’s Six Ways to Live Simply. I’ve encountered via blogging the company of many people – women and men – on the journey making similar contributions to sustainable, ethical, good living. I’m not splitting hairs about labels. Whatever you call it, it makes sense.

Besides sharing a teabag, much to the bemusement of family & friends, here are our Six Ways…

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On the way home last night I detoured to Pitt St Mall “Australia’s busiest and most cosmopolitan shopping precinct” the closest stockist of Sodastream exchange gas cylinders which give fizz to the bubbly water we use to make wine spritzers. I dallied, enjoying the novelty of browsing the stores. The G.O. asked why I hadn’t indulged in some retail therapy. My reply, “Stuff I want but don’t need and can’t afford.” Read the rest of this entry »