Travel to unravel

Let’s forget about the first half of March… where the hyper lead up to the short road trip we had planned so I could attend my 40 year school reunion had me forgetting what I do is not who I am.

What do I do? On March 8, I posted the following on Instagram…

“I grow things in the garden. I make things to eat from some of what I grow. I occasionally tidy up the garden -it’s very hard to tell the difference- and put bits I chop off and pull out in the compost or worm bin and eventually use the compost and worm tea to grow more things. I’m cultured… I make yoghurt, water kefir, sourdough bread. I make tea and I wash up, a lot. I do housekeeping and admin. I write stuff. I’m a dog mumma. And a missus.” 

Seemed fine to me… I was in the zone. A week later, the day before we were to depart (actually, the day before that also) I’d become so raveled in everyday life I couldn’t comprehend the possibility of escape, let alone the necessity.

Thanks to the equally stretched G.O. ducking & weaving around my stress and holding my hand, we managed to pack the caravan and set off early morning on a what was forecast to be a warmish day ahead of a hot week inland, in a westerly direction towards Tamworth, destination of the reunion weekend.

School reunion long-weekend weather forecast.

With our village outskirts only just in the rearview mirror the self-imposed baggage I’d been carrying dropped away. 

However, we’d barely travelled 100 kilometres -albeit climbing the winding steep Waterfall Way road up the Dorrigo Mountain- when the ute’s mystery clutch and overheating issues from previous road trips which we thought we’d had fixed both reappeared at the same time my phone battery began to overheat, rapidly drain and not recharge. Eventually, I turned the phone off, let it cool down and hoped for the best, which worked.

It was my turn to hold the G.O.’s hand as we drove circumspectly through the scenic New England region, which also worked.

Class of 1981/1983 Calrossy Anglican School aka Tamworth Church of England Girls’ School 42/40 year reunion.

In consideration of continued unseasonable hot autumn weather and our ute’s niggling mechanical issues, after the school reunion we simplified our plans opting for a holiday rather than dicing with drama, and headed south-east toward the coast and one of our go-to spots.

Plan A: Busier. Hillier. Hotter.

Plan B: Simpler. Flatter. Cooler.

Our change of direction also meant our path crossed with my Melbourne sister which led to an impromptu family lunch gathering at my Hunter Valley sister’s new house (also meeting our newest niece) en route to Hawks Nest before Melbourne sister and her partner joined us at the beach for the night… a brief but long-awaited get-together.

Hawks Nest. Never disappoints. And sometimes exceeds expectations.

And so, despite having made other road trip plans after my school reunion to go camping further west at Lake Keepit plus pitstops at Bingara and Bundarra on our homeward route back down the Dorrigo Mountain, here we are again at one of our favourite beach getaways for 7 nights which I just extended to 8. 

Reflections Hawks Nest Holiday Park

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

“Travel to unravel.”

Richie Norton

10 thoughts on “Travel to unravel

  1. You are where you were meant to be. I’m not a signs and portents type of person, but didn’t everything come together better than you could have planned it? Darling Diesel-Dog is looking good, the GO is looking gooder, and that food is making my mouth water and my stomach rumble (yes, OK, it IS lunchtime in north Queensland). We took inspiration from you guys and got decals for VanEssa. They look amazing, now all I have to do is summon the courage to apply them and not stuff it up. And on the sewing machine and cutting table today are the first of the new van quilts. Van life. You can’t beat it, until it’s time to go home and then there’s no place like home. Enjoy the rest of the trip, and best of luck with all the mechanical issues.

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    1. We had rather been looking forward to camping at Keepit, another place from my childhood.
      But it’s always good to be at Hawks Nest; walking, relaxing, and eating the local offerings, especially from the bakeries, butcher, seafood co-op and small supermarket with excellent deli which we combine with weekend leftovers and supplies from home.
      VanEssa will be ready to set out on her maiden voyage in no time. I’m looking forward to seeing your handiwork.
      We’ll sort the ute when we get home… it’s not interfering with our holiday!

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    1. It’s still a little warm for autumn but I cannot imagine the winter cold in Illinois… really, Diesel-Dog and I just cope with moderate weather, whIch is why we’re here at the beach. He loves to swim and has old injuries from before he came to us, so is easier than walking.

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  2. I’m not a water baby but those shots of the ocean made me sigh with longing. So beautiful. As for things not going according to plan, I believe the real art to life is to recognize opportunities when they arise, or turn setbacks into opportunities when you can. You all looks so happy and relaxed. 🙂

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    1. There is so much here along with the beach and bay… the Myall River waterways and Mungo Brush National Park are amazing. Unfortunately the latter isn’t dog friendly. It wasn’t a difficult decision… when in doubt… Beach. But you’re right, plans go awry and the art is to adapt.

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