No news…

Is no news. Nothing out of the ordinary. Not good. Not bad. Which all things considered in the world at this time makes us fortunate indeed.

Therefore, somewhat surprising [even to me] that a blog post [late yet again for my self-imposed monthly deadline] materialised: In the words of Flannery O’ConnorI write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.

Not only were our hopes that we could evade COVID infection dashed; having succumbed, that we might emerge relatively unscathed has also been a disappointment. Post-COVID life goes on much as it always has… however, recovery from our recent bouts of COVID has been as slow as we feel in body and spirit. At best the fatigue lingers and hinders our pace, regularly making itself felt anywhere between 10 am and 2pm [an improvement at least on its ever-presence during the first week or so of the virus] and at worst along with brain fog, aches, body temperature fluctuations and hacking coughs ambush us arbitrarily.

Thankfully, we’ve been sufficiently functional to spend time these last weeks of beautiful late winter weather in the garden. And of course, like most we have responsibilities, family members [since late last year we’ve had to increase our input to support the G.O.’s 89-year-old mum], and our own life balance to manage. We’re both well enough to do as we like just not as fast and not as much which is not terribly reassuring given aged 56 & three quarters and 67 we’re already slowed down somewhat, but not in our dotage.

And so, weather permitting we hope to take a couple of overdue short breaks away over the next few months to recharge our batteries. Our caravan which owing to persistent inclement weather hadn’t moved since early last December did a short trip a few weeks ago for annual inspection and service, is repacked [despite the forecast for inclement weather coming to fruition as I type] in preparation to head off in a few days for a tardy revisit [originally planned for March but rained out] to Evans Head where we enjoyed its inaugural outing during October last year.

“We Are Hard Pressed On Every Side, but Not Crushed; Perplexed, but Not In Despair; Persecuted, but Not Abandoned; Struck Down, but Not Destroyed.” ― 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

What to do with no news? Consult the camera roll.

02_no news
Finally got around to putting our Sunshine Cottage Urban Permaculture sign on the gate.
01_no news
When our favourite local grower-neighbour-friend @dollysrun offered to drop off excess coriander and broccoli, who was I to refuse… Broccoli soup (broccoli steamed and blended with miso soup), coriander pesto and homemade sourdough.
04_no news
I love it when a not-plan comes together. @dollysrun dropped off another bunch of coriander so I could make more coriander pesto for our @ozgreennorthcoast food resilience picnic lunch. Instead of scraping out the food processor I added @northarmfarms_nv red and green cabbage leaves and @dollysrun carrots… et violà Asian-style coleslaw for Friday night dinner. Recipe: Blend coriander aka cilantro leaves with a couple each garlic cloves and makrut lime leaves, a small deseeded red pepper, cashews, olive oil, salt and a spoonful of rice malt syrup.
14_no news
Multitasking… While preparing sourdough starter and focaccia to share as part of our @ozgreennorthcoast food resilience session and picnic lunch I had a significant aha moment as I continue to ponder what resilience looks like for me; realising I’m comfortable with my own personal efforts, and prefer projects to committees.
05_no news
@ozgreennorthcoast food resilience picnic lunch was held at Macksville Community Garden.
03_no news
According to research, bowl food tastes better. Who am I to disagree. Bolognese sauce recipe: Use stuff from freezer and pantry stash… an onion, a couple cloves of local grown elephant garlic, @dollysrun carrots & homegrown celery diced and sauteed in olive oil & butter + 4 cups of chopped up leftover sourdough breadcrusts + half a kilo of grassfed beef mince + paprika, nutmeg, oregano, salt & pepper + a cup of milk + 2 tins of tomatoes + couple of splashes of rinse water from the tins + big squeeze of tomato paste + splash of white wine. I started it on the stovetop late afternoon before a slow finish in the oven at 120 C.
06_no news
A last beach walk of winter 2022, the full stretch of Grassy Head beach. Photo credit @welshy055.
12_no news
Just another day in the office.
16_no news
Best-neighbour-ever added a motley crew of 9 new hens to liven up the two old red girls and rooster Ketut.
07_no news
Should’ve remembered I’d frugally [but not fabulously] repaired the rim of the pot on the front right with glue… before -while tidying this garden nook- I picked the pot up to move it. Of course, rim broke off, pot fell on my foot in the painful process. Not repairing it again. Learn from experience.
15_no news
An ordinary winter but from this angle of the garden you wouldn’t know it.
08_no news
Slow days for the garden as well as me. Finally, after a month some signs of growth on the little plants… which a couple of days of this rain should really bring on.
09_no news
Our very old Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’ Black Cherry Plum still hasn’t given up the ghost. Life lesson.
13_no news
Front garden. 5 more roses even though I say each new lot is the last. Planted sweet potatoes and pumpkin seeds as well. And a new Daphne in an old pot.
10_no news
A pot of multi-hued Kalanchoe blossfeldiana aka Widow’s Thrill… thankfully both the G.O. and I are still above the dirt to appreciate its rainbow colours.
11_no news
Should be truth in advertising. Tagetes lemmonii (Mexican Marigold) is beautiful but it stinks. Sometimes life’s like that.

“You ought to be thankful a hole heaping lot, for the places and people you’re lucky you’re not!”
― Dr. Seuss, Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?

21 thoughts on “No news…

  1. I’m sorry to hear you both acquired Covid. You seem to have worse symptoms than I had this past February. Fatigue was a real nuisance for us, though I think Forrest had a few more nagging symptoms that lingered for weeks. I hope you both heal, and do not end up with “long” Covid as many people are reporting.

    Your photographs are always telling of the good life you live. I think now more than ever, our gardens are important, and knowing how to prepare foods from scratch are a real talent. I’m always surprised at so many people who no longer cook but rely on eating out or preparing quick, ready-made meals.

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    1. From what I’m hearing our symptoms are common for the BA4 BA5 variants which hit Australia over our recent winter cold & virus season. Every single day I’m grateful to have a garden, the quality of life it gifts me is priceless, and I feel fortunate also that we’re inclined to prepare our own meals although I’m looking forward to going out for dinner when we take some breaks.

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  2. Oh Lord, I just got a huge wave of nostalgia: for the mid north coast winter, for temperate climate plants and vegies, for that back porch of yours and Deez bustling about the back yard with some toy or stick, while we talk about nothing very much and drink coffee. Soon, soon! The caravan is green from all the rain and road dirt, and I look at it in disgust and realise there’s no point washing it till we get home because up here it’ll all just happen again in a day or two. I’ve learned to relax into the tropics… Today I’m going to ‘cook the fridge in preparation for emptying it a bit before the journey home next week. I have a lot of vegies to use up! Talk to you soon – let’s catch up when I’m back?

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    1. It’s solidly raining here and the G.O. had just gone out to attempt to tow our van out from around the back which we should’ve done yesterday but we had hoped… We lashed out and had the van which had been sitting under the Jacarandah tree for 6+ months washed when we got it serviced… best $50 spent ever!
      We’re looking forward to your visit too. I’ll message when we get back from our break.


      1. I think I’m going to get the truck wash, sponge and pressure washer out when we get back and give it a good seeing-to… Unless it dries out a bit here, in which case I’ll do the bucket and sponge job with the little travel-sized truck wash we carry, and the unhooked water line. Alternatively, we could take her through a car wash on our way home, but I prefer to take my time and give things a good scrubbing!

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  3. No news? It’s exactly the sort of catch-up you want with friends. I am sitting here with my morning cuppa, thinking I am sitting with you in your ‘office’, catching up on what’s been happening over the last month. I would bring some fruit cake, because I have just learnt how to make boiled fruit cake and want to show off my new skill!

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    1. Being able to make a good fruitcake is a useful thing. I’m partial to a piece with a cupppa but can’t eat much so I love that they keep so well, and a warmed with a wee bit of custard is a nice treat as well. How wonderful if we could sit in Diesel’s “office”.
      I quite like having no news but am perplexed to the puzzlement when I respond as such to an enquiry. I often reply “well, I can tell you about my roses!” and suddenly the interest disappears.


    1. The garden coped well with winter but despite timing being a little inconvenient we needed this early spring rain to turn the landscape from its cooler months garb of brown to green, and fill our rainwater tanks.


  4. So glad to hear that you’re both on the mend, albeit slowly. Like you, I’m grateful that we live on the city fringe and have access to a large garden/block. Have fresh English spinach ready to harvest and a ton a parsley to make tabouli. Not much else yet but watching our food plants grow and seeing the fruit trees in blossom from the kitchen window lifts our spirits despite the grey, and damp and rain. Gardens are life affirming. 🙂

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    1. You are so right, being able to wander, or nip out into the garden and pick something fresh and green to add to dinner makes such a difference. Not including the broken pot incident, the garden has taught me so many valuable life lessons, especially how to roll with what’s happening, bounce back and things take time.

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      1. Yes. The Offspring started getting interested in gardening during the pandemic and is starting to learn those life lessons too. You could not pay for that in a million years.


  5. As I used to hear my Mum say, ‘no news is good news’. I’m sorry you are both still carrying symptoms. I do hope it doesn’t morph into Long Covid. That has always been my biggest worry, given I already have many of those symptoms due to Fibromyalgia. Another layer on top would not be helpful. Thank you for the update and my very best wishes to you both. x

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  6. Lovely to hear of your lack of news.Much the same here as far as we are concerned. Thankfully we have still been able to avoid Covid. However, any illness could be fatal to us.
    Starting again in our garden. In the dryer areas, three feet high weeds and in the wetter areas the water table is so high water is still running on the surface. We live on the side of a hill, but the mountain springs are still overflowing and we have had another two inches of rain already this week.
    The cold wet weather did give me the opportunity to do another family blog.
    We too are appreciative that we live in a little Eden far away from the world dramas, but as the weather warms up hope to be able to catch up with family and friends again.


    1. Something to look forward to is very important to balance the no news side of life. Everything has taken its own good time this year especially the garden and the right time to be getting out and about. This week away is a break for us but the other two planned are also for catching up with family and friends.


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