Shhh… Be very very quiet.

Pssst… hello, it’s me… loitering behind the curtain fall of 2021. Can we keep it down in case 2022 notices I’m playing hooky.

As January 1, 2022 dawned, I decided I detest the term new normal almost as much as I hate let it rip. I’m fortunate, for me the cost of the pandemic has merely been two years of truncated life. Despite their sameness I’m grateful for each day. And I’m unwilling to pin hopes on a flip of the calendar year, nor political spin.

Six or so years ago, as we were preparing to ditch the city to “follow our dream of living simply and creatively” in a rural village, if somebody had told me that I could would have to make a life focussed primarily around our #LiveSimpleHomeMadeGrownLocalCreativeBetter philosophy… no matter how attractive the idea, no matter how dedicated our desire… I probably wouldn’t have believed it. I mean really focussed… sans our favourite distractions… travel, trips, daytrips, exploring the local area and further afield, going to a pub or café, browsing op-shops and markets, get-togethers and possibilities undetermined… I wouldn’t have believed that either.

But here we are, still. After reflecting on 2021 and inspecting my intentions for 2022, I decided under the circumstances I can’t do better than 2021 -and 2020, for that matter- where I worked incredibly hard to be at home in my life. Until conditions change, what I’ve been building over the past two coronavirus-curtailed years has sufficient currency to continue for quite some time. Cue standoff between me and 2022 à la Covid-19.

“She’s got Greta Garbo’s standoff sighs*, she’s got Bette Davis eyes.
― Kim Carnes

01_the day after the first day of 2022
2022. Day 2. Beach.
02_seed saving and garden harvest
2022. Plant. Harvest. Save seeds. Repeat.
03_plant more zinnias
2022. Grow more zinnias.
04_in my garden
2022. Dig. Plant. Weed. Harvest. Repeat.
04_plant more roses
2022. Plant more roses.
05_be surprised
2022. Be surprised.
010_in my kitchen
2022. Kitchen witchery.
06_reading nook
2022. Make time to read.
06_writing space
2022. Make time to write.
07_there's no place like home
2022. There’s no place like home.
08_the village
2022. Village life.

“Quiet is peace. Tranquility. Quiet is turning down the volume knob on life.”
― Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner

* “Greta Garbo standoff sighs is a reference to Garbo’s most famous movie line from Grand Hotel where she breathily says, ‘I want to be alone’ and the fact Garbo was completely standoffish with the public and press in her real life.”
**Be vewy vewy quiet.

21 thoughts on “Shhh… Be very very quiet.

  1. Oooh, your zinnias! My favourite colour combination. I’m in sympathy with your non-resolution for this year. I thought i was hard done-by when I couldn’t travel overseas because of my back. It made me realise I should have been grateful, when I couldn’t travel to the next state, and then the next city… And now, I’m grateful for health, security, for three needles in my arm and food on the table, and friends at the end of the phone or on my screen. I have learned to do gratitude better and more sincerely, and that makes me happy.

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    1. The zinnias have been good value despite losing a few to some very hot days when we were away… they are amazingly robust as well as beautiful.
      Aahh yes… Covid has really given us a lesson in perspective, gratitude… and like the zinnias… resilience.

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  2. I tried twice to leave a comment from my computer but it wouldn’t work, so am trying from my phone…I agree that the pandemic has focused our perspectives and gratitude—big time. Even if we are already fortunate enough to be living our dream life, shit still happens! And right now more shit than usual is happening. Even the simplest of tasks, like buying groceries has become an exercise in frustration. Keep well. xx

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    1. Would you believe it… my intial reply comment blipped too 🙃
      I’ve had this post in my head for weeks but encountering the shit you mention robbed it of humour and perspective.
      We’ve hit the point of old war platitudes… Make the best of it… Chin up!

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  3. Psst . . . do look this way . . . am quietly here . . . well, had to come say how much I enjoyed finding just one person on line today who managed to say how it truly ‘is’ but had the good common sense to cancel the abysmal ‘new normal’ (huh ?) and the idiotic ‘let it rip’ !!! You and I and most here are lucky methinks . . . not because we live where and how we do but because we realize the facts . . . ‘gratitude’ is not just a word but an appreciation. Sharing makes matters more valuable . . . the green lushness of your environment, the pictorial journal of your activities make most of us say ‘me too’ and smile . . . don’t like it but shall manage . . . AND shall not waste the days given us . . . ! Shall repost this to some friends who will enjoy . . . can’t find your email to ‘show and tell’ . . . but thanks !!!.

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    1. You make two important points… 1. It’s ok to say “I don’t like it”. Before we had the benefit of hindsight I was making the most of it but now I’m making the most of it and not liking the mess that it is! 2. Sharing -except covid- with likeminded others is the best balm… together in spirit.

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  4. I had problems posting too, and have ended up on my phone.
    It is wonderful that you have found your refuge, where you are happy to dig, weed, plant, harvest and repeat. We have put ourselves back into a sort of lockdown, which has been very disappointing. At the end of last year I was looking forward to seeing art in galleries and generally being with others indoors. Now I am being cautious. So I am thankful for my home, my refuge. (The only real solution is to have the whole world vaccinated.)
    I enjoyed your intentions in photos. I wish your fingers many productive hours writing at the computer. 😘

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    1. It’s possible there are WordPress gremlins at work!
      I’m so pleased we are where we are but but who had any idea the extent we’d be navigating covid… feel a bit sad about that for all of us but we’ve done two years of it… shame to negate those efforts so for now home sweet home it is.


  5. Let’s see if the gremlins will affect this reply.

    Before I get into messy year dates, I love your randomness of your vegetable garden and of course the zinnias look stately.

    But I too am absolutely over the “mess” especially since I’m classed as vulnerable which in turn has led me down a path of anxiety. I can’t even manage to go into a store, which I hardly do anyway. Yesterday my friend, H, drove me to a chemist which isn’t in a Mall (can’t cope with enclosed big spaces) and even trying to get my phone to open for the covid tracker was a mission. I was so wobbly by the time I followed the “arrows on the floor” to counter. I was so glad to get back in her car. And then H was worried that I couldn’t even walk down my driveway… but once I see my turf, I can cope….knowing that once I’m indoors, no one can see what I’m “up to” 🙂

    And as many of you know I’ve been ill, with other non covid things for more than 18months and I’m finally making some headway out of it all. But I can’t actually “see my GP” everything by phone. But I’ve been to clinic twice since Jan – twice to do with my BP and then the booster…

    But nothing is “normal” for me! Other than it’s become a “kind of normal” – but not one I had expected to “keep on keeping on”

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    1. Your reply has come through nicely 👏 Ah yes, keep on keeping on… a classic that is very apt. As you so rightly point out, we’re not only dealing with covid aspects of life but regular normal life as well… doing the best we can. Take care ♡

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  6. I too hate the phrase “New Normal”.
    Yes things have changed drastically over the last two years…. But when does life NOT change. I have always taken one day at a time and I believe that with that outlook in life things will proceed as it is meant to. Life can be complicated if we make it complicated but the simple life as far as I’m concerned is a good life and a life worth living.


    1. “New normal” was never very convincing anyway… and meaningless while we’re running with what this pandemic entails and impossible to predict what the future will actually bring. I’m deeply attached to reality, regardless.

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  7. Yes. I suspect you and I are very fortunate to have found places that satisfy all the criteria of ‘home’, both physical and mental. The one thing I don’t have and want desperately is…your veggie garden enclosure! So lush, it makes me drool every time you post a pic. Stay well. 🙂


    1. It’s apparent many of my photo subjects are on rotation… life is like that at the moment… indeed the cage garden is lush… we’re having a very subtropical summer… I’ll be out there weeding and taming it when it dries out. One of the upsides of our social media community is its shared insights have endured the pandemic and sustained our more than usual solitary lives.

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      1. Down here we seem to be in a rain shadow and my garden is drying out. Spending hours each day watering my fruit trees and ‘special’ plants. Would love some rain so please send some down our way. 🙂
        And re social media? God yes. I can’t imagine what life would be like if I didn’t have you guys to talk to every day. -hugs-

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        1. Hah! I cheat. We have mains water plus we have some 2000 ltr water tanks from the big drought that ended in Black Saturday. My water bill probably negates any cost savings from growing our own fruit but…the difference in flavour is priceless.


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