What you want…

It’s been a strange few months. After adapting to pandemic lifestyle and waiting and hoping and rescheduling and waiting and hoping… eventually incredibly the G.O., Diesel-dog and I got to do the three planned short trips and family catchups that comprised our wishlist for the second half of 2021. Nevertheless, our success hasn’t instilled sufficient courage to make plans for 2022.

Curiously, despite an initial frisson while we reconnoitred environs and people anew, it became apparent other than Covid hallmarks of facemask, check-in and social distancing the passage of time hadn’t changed our environs… or people much. Life is enduringly wabi-sabi. I dunno why I’d anticipated otherwise.

Before we set off on our early-mid December last trip for the year, we ticked off lists of spring-cleaning tasks so upon our return home we’d be ready for the festive season. Well, here we are. After an initial flurry of unpacking and cleaning the caravan and a quick spruce up of house and garden, we’re yet again feeling all too familiar with the practice of abiding a quiet Christmas and summer in situ while we further assimilate living with Covid stratagem.

Contending with battered optimism as we approach the end of the 2021 year that was much like 2020, I contemplated what I want from 2022 and discovered a dearth of confidence in extraordinary expectations. I’ve settled for… being satisfied with what I have, happy with what I can do, zen with whatever eventuates or doesn’t, peace in the spaces between, and enough time to read books.

2021 Books
What I’ve been reading in 2021. My reviews are on Goodreads.

“The illusion of the control you had over your life in 2020 is gone. It’s all different now, do you know what you really want? Did you ever? Sometimes do you just find yourself in tears for no reason?”
First Dog on the Moon

Ennui is understandable but is it practical?

As has become my custom; a selection of recent photos from my camera roll.

50th wedding anniversary family celebration_Hawks Nest_Tea Gardens
50th wedding anniversary family celebration at Hawks Nest-Tea Gardens.

Wishing you all the best for the festive season, closing days of the year and whatever you want of 2022

14 thoughts on “What you want…

  1. It’s always a delight to see images of your evolving gardens. Diesel seems to do well in whatever environment he finds himself if – I believe he lives the good life! There are many things to be thankful for in these strange times. Nature has never let me down. My work here has gone on, and I find joy in it. It is good to find friendship and spend time socially, but the gift is in enjoying those times together when they happen and not putting expectation or demands on that. Rolling with what is, and finding happiness and joy in whatever is presented is there for us to embrace, if we see it as a gift.

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    1. Thank you for the kind and thoughtful words. Our experiences dipping our toes into the wider world were enjoyable, however it is always a comfort to know whatever eventuates we’re happy spending time at home and with our own company, which includes Diesel of course, who is among the best of companions no matter where we are.

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  2. Well said, Dale. I think my hopes and dreams have boiled down to much the same wishlist. The Offspring and I finally got out and had lunch with a close family friend yesterday. This was the first social event for either one of us…in almost 2 years. We all started out with masks but our friend had taken flow-thingie test that morning in consideration and we thankfully relaxed. It was…wonderful. Now I just hope we get to meet up with everyone else we haven’t seen in two years. Everything else is simply icing on the cake.
    I hope you, the GO and Diesel Dog have a safe and relaxed Christmas. And I hope we all get a break in 2023. 🙂

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      1. Yeah, it felt wonderful. Oddly enough, having that one small taste of freedom has made it easier to be patient when it comes to Omicron. I guess we all need to know that freedom is /possible/. 🙂


  3. ‘The Good Life’ … not sure if you have ever seen that series. It was such a good series showing how ‘hard’ is in the way you see things. Life is good and when we take the days as they come we find peace. The pandemic has made us fairly ’languid’ …. But my take away from this year has been one day at a time.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year my friend & all going well we will see u in 2022 😍❤️😍


    1. I did view some early episodes of The Good Life many many years ago but your reference to it is a timely reminder for us all as pandemic lethargy kicks in… your use of the term languid is a pleasanter way of expressing the best of it. One day at a time is most sensible… and we may make plans of our own but taking the year as we find it in the short term. Fingers crossed for your plans.


  4. I think you have travelled 2021 well, all things considered. Certainly better than many others, in that you have retained your sense of humour and proportion, have managed to maintain your lifestyle and friendships, and are looking forward to a somewhat more hopeful 2022 without unrealistic optimism. We’ll see you and that happy Deez in February/March, failing Epsilon and Mu variants, heaven forbid. I hope you’ll be able to celebrate this festive season cheerfully, comfortably, healthily – and gastronomically! Hugs from us both, and a nose boop from Mouse.

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    1. We’ve certainly fared better than many and are grateful our day-to-day life made pandemic fairly doable. But I realised after I read that particular quote from the First Dog cartoon it rang true in that after two years of circumscribed life it expressed something I was feeling but hadn’t crystallised or formed words for… I feel a bit lost without avenues of expression for certain of the preferred external aspects of our life.
      We’ll be spending the festive season quietly, as is our wont… but carefully. And, your plans for Feb/March are something we can look forward to without actually making plans for ourselves!


  5. As always you so beautifully express things I’ve been experiencing as well. I don’t know how we seem to be in the same orbits so often but we are. I purposely did not read this until after my own post was published as I didn’t want to accidentally borrow your thoughts, but there they were anyway! I think Diesel dog’s life seems pretty near perfect and probably fairly unchanged. Some dogs have been happy to see more of their pack members the last couple of years which makes me happy. I hate to see dogs left home on their own for long hours at a time. Your observation about being ‘lost without the usual avenues of expression’ is the perfect description for many of us. If we are lucky, we find something new, but if not that loss of expression can be fairly debilitating. Best wishes for your holiday and future plans whenever they may happen. xo

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    1. I marvelled as I read your post how we were in sync… yet again. Each could not have more closely mirrored the other had we consulted. It was easy to envision our parallel packing and thought processes. Like you I’ve pursued new avenues of expression, but upon reflection… often during the wee small wakeful hours it’s been beneficial to acknowledge the absence, that they might be altered or lost forever, and work through a form of grief process. One of our future plans whenever they might happen is to take a roadtrip that includes bringing Diesel to The Alice to meet you 🐾

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