Life goes on… and on

Well, here we are again. You are there and I am here. However, I’m thankful for our modest expeditions into each other’s worlds via various tools of social media, your friendship and community.

In my world the spring season has sprung. While I have my glad and sad moments, it’s difficult to remain despondent for too long when you wake up to a cacophony of birdsong, a life that offers simple pleasures and of course, the good company of the G.O. and Diesel-dog.

Good morning
Good morning from the front corner of the verandah, accompanied by a sleepy Diesel, swallows scouting for a nest location, jar of sourdough starter, a cup of tea and homegrown avocado on homemade sourdough toast. In the background, the G.O.’s latest project – verandah rail repair/bar spot.

Although we’ve been in the latest regional NSW version of lockdown for a couple of weeks with a couple or maybe more to go, the G.O. and I both before and since have become more accustomed to taking life as we find it. Despite being double jabbed, we’ve for the main stuck to home, and when out we wear masks, social distance, hand sanitise, keep it quick. Behaviours which will continue despite there being few cases in our wider region & none immediately, and after lockdown ends.

Every day we speak words appreciative that we have all we dreamed of, worked towards and more… “so grateful we’re settled here in the village” and our #livesimplehomemadegrownlocalcreativebetter philosophy proved to be pandemic friendly.

Practically, our day-to-day is for the most unaffected by Covid’s effects. While at other times we’ve felt stretched by competing domestic and external demands on our time, energy, presence, trying to fit everything we need and want to do into the hours in a day and days in the week… currently we have expanses of time at our disposal and we still haven’t run out of jobs, ideas, projects, plans. Yet again proving the adage “be careful what you wish for”!

Good, bad and indifferent happens variously in our life as it always has, regardless of Covid restrictions or lockdowns.

Neighbourliness is booming: safely sharing garden produce, eggs, plants, homemade food, tools and conversation over back fences and across the footpath; keeping in touch via phone or Messenger apps; running quick errands for each other in town.

The cardiologist vetoed my mother-in-law’s hip replacement surgery, disappointing for all but we’ve moved on to plan B assisting her to manage her best quality of life.

A week or so ago, the G.O. found one of the local Powerful Owls dead on the edge of the road in front of our house, presumably hit by a car. We’ve been watching since for the others, and last night, happily spotted another on the powerline in our front yard… news that we excitedly shared with the-best-neighbour-ever.

Our lack of frog population has been of concern as there’s been reports of an unusual mass morbidity event but the-best-neighbour-ever reported with pics via Messenger that there a couple of healthy frogs inhabiting various plumbing fixtures in her house. Yay!

Last week I had an unpleasant encounter with an [imo] overzealous Council ranger while I was exercising Diesel off-leash at our local on-leash reserve. My fault, I hadn’t comprehended the content-intent-placement of the sign and as we hardly ever see a ranger out here, I was unluckily in the wrong place at the wrong time caught up in drama of complaints made neither by me nor about me. I sent a couple of emails to Council and received a couple of unsatisfactory replies from the GM but one positive from the Mayor, so I have just about moved on from the saga but kept the positive… sister of the-best-neighbour-ever saw what transpired, messaged her sister who messaged me just as I arrived home asking if I was ok.

Like just about everyone, tentacles of pandemic fatigue touch us. For me, of late it manifests as night-time dreams where unexpectedly there are too many people in the same place we are, the place we go next, and the next, or I’ve forgotten my face mask, necessitating a typical circuitous dream-state route to go home to find my mask with someone in pursuit of me. Interesting contrast to my daydreams about going to a market, out for lunch, getting decent takeaway food, taking a holiday, catching up with family and friends in real life.

Our family and friends are geographically scattered so even before the pandemic happened, social media, phone and video calls kept us in touch much of the time. But there were always plans and chances to catch-up. For now, all I can offer anyone is a virtual visit courtesy of my camera roll.

Staying at home and keeping busy… tidying the back room, reading, new wheels in The Lair, old table painted black, more verandah seating, hanging paintings, new cushions.
Not going anywhere… only the chairs have moved. Evans Head went into lockdown 20 minutes after we booked to go there for a week with the caravan club. Ahhh, may as well get some practice sleeping on the bed.
Mending project
One of two mending projects… hand sewing old linen table napkins onto the frayed corners of twenty+ year old doona covers.
Happy Anniversary and International Dog Day
Happy International Dog Day and 7th wedding & 17th first date + kiss anniversary to us. Is it even a celebration without chocolate cake?
What if not food
#lockdownfood is a thing… butter chicken, garlic focaccia-naan, laksa, fried rice and Asian style sides, hommus, coriander pesto, crab sourdough crepes, sweet potato muffins were #instafood worthy.
Welcome visitor
No visitors allowed during lockdown… except carpet pythons which frequent our roof space from time to time.

In my garden…

“The choice is OURS to make!
We can always cry over ‘what didn’t happen’…
Or choose to be happy that ‘so much did’!”
― Ruchi

Thank you for reading. Let me know how you’re doing. Take care ❤️

19 thoughts on “Life goes on… and on

  1. Your dream sounds much like our reality. Still we continue to have a lot of visitors to the NT, and since the lockdown in Darwin a couple of weeks ago they have moved back south again. I heard a man who got out of a very large camper van asking the fellow up the street if there was anyone around here that could give him a space to park and an electric outlet! Wow, I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. The few nice cafes that are still open are always bursting at the seams, and Woolies is still regularly running out of canned goods, and UHT milk products as well as shortages on deli items and fruit and veg. It’s frustrating, but not horrible considering what others in the world are experiencing. We too have joined the gratitude group being thankful and relatively unscathed by the pandemic–Or maybe we have just decided to be happy that so much is right!! xx

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    1. Much as I’d love to be travelling I’m pleased not to be roadtripping during a pandemic! Ditto for Alice Springs. But hopefully one day we’ll get there, when the camping options and cafes are less crowded. I’ve begun ordering groceries online… and noted an increasing amount of unavailable items. Once upon a time we could never have imagined such a thing as home delivery here! The extra time I spent in the supermarket searching for all-too-often absent items and waiting for my turn one of only three check-outs just made me feel too anxious.
      I’m happy you’re happy ♡

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  2. I miss your back yard. I miss you showing me round and explaining what you’re growing. I miss your kitchen and the wonderful meals that have come out of it, and will again. I miss the lovely, spontaneous way lunch with friends turns into a celebration. We’ll do it again some day – soon, I hope. And one day, you’ll pack up that caravan, Deez will hop into the back of the ute and the three of you will head up the highway, towards us and the tropical north. All good dreams, and worth waiting for. Meanwhile, buds are sprouting, flowers are flowering, birds are building their nests, and the season has turned. The world is still capable of beauty, and we are still capable of appreciating it. Talk soon.

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    1. Our calendar for the rest of the year is entirely empty of any definite dates. It’s not easy to not make plans… however I’ve come to believe no plans are slightly better than the disappointment of Covid cancelled plans, and there’s less financial outlay. But, I’ll keep the pictures you paint in my head and the promise of all those enticing places in Cairns and enroute north of the border in my hopes and dreams.

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  3. this time I was prepared to see your carpet python – so when within your great homestead pictures he appeared, I knew I wan’t frightened since you said he was okay, just mind your manners around him/her…
    Over the ditch in NZ, someone from NSW bought our country the Delta virus – when it slipped under a barricade via an MIQ facility. and now it’s making inroads in the community, still a small interconnected number (read big church) – and Auckland is in the most severe lockdown that we’ve endured over the last 18 plus months…
    I’ve not been out much, preferring to stay put at home – getting in supplies via contactless delivery – making bits of art when I feel like it, or just being lazy.

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    1. I thought I’d slip pics of the snake in for readers who aren’t on Instagram, and also I know a few family and friends who upon seeing it will be relieved they’re not coming to visit. But really, you are brave. I used to be terrified… mere photos of snakes once would’ve made me cold & clammy. We’re fortunate that Diesel is a good snake dog. He lets us know they’re around… no-one likes snake surprises.
      Delta variant was a gamechanger, that made us also prefer staying home, change to home delivery groceries & just about everything, and like you making creative projects part of our day-to-day, plus getting better at lazy.


  4. I love the “simple” life and as I’ve always said being at home I’ve been preparing for ‘The Pandemic Lockdown’
    It’s been 230 days of harsh lockdown for Victoria in the last 365 days and as much as I love being home and am always always busy it’s becoming a bit tiring now. But all in good time I guess & our beautiful country is going nowhere… it will be there to travel when things are better.
    I’m glad you’ll are good and so are we… J & the kids are all still at work & that’s an amazing Blessing!!
    An active mind leads to a wholesome life & if I’m not cooking … I’m quilting & then again there’s always the business to run for the husband. All in all even though it doesn’t look like we are coming out of lockdown till the end of October even though we are double jabbed … we need to wait for the rest of Victoria to get there… Patience as they say is the Mother of Virtue..
    Till we meet again my friend & of that I’m very very sure 💖

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    1. I can understand but to a degree how tiring extended lockdown has become and how much energy it takes to keep up motivation and enthusiasm for the lifestyle that once formed part but not a whole of a way of life. My thoughts are often with you and your family prompted by the vibrant photos via which you so generously give us a window to your world ♡

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  5. Your photos are a little vacation for me!! It’s lovely to get a taste of the variety of your life. I knew about your carpet pythons as another blogger friend from your neck of the woods advised me about their ability to keep rodents under control, especially roof rats. Still, I’m not too sure one of those wouldn’t yield a blood-curdling scream from me!

    I have ordered a lot of non-perishables online for the longest time – even before Covid. Now though, like you, I’m finding many “out of stock” and “currently unavailable” notations on popular items just like we did last year during the worst of Covid hoarding. We are fortunate as well, that we live in a rural area and we are always prepared – we raise food and have plenty to keep us busy. It’s good to see life flourishing and finding thankfulness in the good that is presented daily. Thanks for posting those wonderful photos. To me they say, “Life is good”!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words and encouraging positive thoughts and thankfulness. To me the photos feel very much similar to what they were not too long ago but it is what it is, the nature of these times. I could never imagine I’d become as accustomed as I am to any snake but the pythons and green tree snakes are beautiful and fascinating… although I doubt I’d ever be brave enough to touch one I can see the appeal.
      Fifteen years when I first visited I wondered how I’d ever manage to live here but the wider world has become more accessible and like you most things I want are more convenient to purchase online, especially as I can’t relate to “retail therapy”. I let some of the pandemic lockdown supplies I stocked up on in 2020 turn over but shortly I’ll see what I can find to replenish the pantry.

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  6. Have the NSW presser going in the background. I was fine until Dan Andrews basically said we’d ‘given up’ yesterday. I hate what’s coming so it’s nice to know most of my friends are doing well. Take care. -hugs-

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    1. After setting my alarm so I don’t miss the 11 am briefing, constantly checking SBS & The Guardian news apps and watch both SBS & ABC nightly news bulletins… for the past couple of weeks, I’m having a break and keeping up with news highlights but the good cop bad cop carrot and stick every one has an agenda and someone it’s not me isn’t staying home has me feeling somewhat jaded… but yes I’m doing well Meeks, and I hope you and the Offspring are too and coping ok with today’s news of three more weeks.

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      1. Sounds like what I’ve been doing too. To be honest, I’m seriously depressed for the first time because I hoped we could get Delta back in its box. Sadly Gladys has poisoned life, not just for Australians, but possibly for New Zealanders as well.
        And the push for vaccines? They will not lead to ‘herd immunity’ because they only stop transmission for a while. We’re going to have to get used to hearing about deaths until 100% of every person in Australia is vaccinated. And of course, that’s not going to happen. 😦
        Sorry to be a wet blanket. Don’t stop taking precautions!


  7. Thank you so much for the photos and glimpse into your current life. So much of the world (and the U.S.) are in such a pickle, I am sorry about your ongoing lockdowns. We don’t have lockdowns but political disagreements about masks and the ‘reality’ of Covid. It really is disgusting. Meanwhile cases are surging and the weather as well. Our planned 2020 trip to NZ has again been postponed, this time until 2023. Meanwhile I have much to be thankful about, and keep reminding myself.

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    1. Being thankful is a fulltime endeavour these days… not only because we have much to be thankful for but as an antidote to what so often feels on the brink of being overwhelming… it’s like a finger in the dyke… if I can hang in there and just be positive enough, all will be well!
      Sorry to hear about your postponed trip. When it’s safe and opened up the Kiwi’s will I’m sure be happy to accommodate visitors.

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