Between the cracks . . . 2019

My Instagram #bestnine2019​ doesn’t quite reflect the extent of my predilection for #frugalandfabulous food but it does of course feature Deez-dog and my favourite go-to place; the beach.

daleleelife101_instagram bestnine_2019

What do you think, would you like from time-to-time to see my shorter Insta type posts and pics on this blog?

In the meantime, I’ve compiled a selection of other pics… snippets of daleleelife101 in 2019 that didn’t make it to the blog and which you won’t have seen if you don’t do Instagram… but if you would like join my lovely Insta community, you can follow me ​@daleleelife101 ​and some other worthy Instagrammers I hang out with via the link to the right or below depending on which type of device you’re viewing this.

#inmykitchen #frugalandfabulous #homemadelife
#immygarden #homegrownlife #freshlocalproduce
Sketchbook Project
#sketchbookproject2019 #combiningpassions
Out and about
#outandabout #livelovelocal #lifeisabeach
#tafensw #horticulture #facetofacelearning #permaculture #distanceeducation
Thank you for your blogging company in 2019… and for many of you over the past 8 years. Best wishes for a wonderful 2020.
“2020 is yet another huge milestone for many of us who remember their first 1960 milestone and the forgotten 2000. What this next milestone will hold for us? One thing is for certain, what we do today will affect it… Be thankful for something We do today, what We began to build today, a positive habit We start to form today, a benevolent seed We plant today and the wonderful deeds We executed today… Hoooo yeah, we are not sure where all this take us in 2020, but… We are Grateful for everything…” ~ Nick Catricala

7 thoughts on “Between the cracks . . . 2019

  1. Some familiar (and furry) faces and places in that selection. We’re both looking forward to reconnecting with you, the G.O. and Diesel Dog in a couple of months. And yes please, I’d like to see the photos even if you don’t have time for words. I’m not on IG, so I miss out on all that unless you post it too…


    1. I had considered it before when there never seemed to be enough time to write blog posts. Recently the thought was prompted again by the realisation some of my Insta posts were getting wordy, and the Insta app can now load up to 10 photos… to me that adds up to a blog post 🤔

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  2. You have put together some good photo compilations that more fully reflect your life. Since I already follow you on Insta and still read your blogs I can only say I enjoy them and will continue. We are watching the horrific fires in the coast of NSW this afternoon and I hope you are safe. Honestly, I feel sick to my stomach thinking of all the losses in the months since September. Australia is like a small town to me. You feel what is happening wherever it occurs. I hope you are safe and that 2020 is kind to you and Welshy. xx

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    1. As I just commented on your #topnine it’s interesting to see what comes up; best or top as in number of likes doesn’t necessarily correlate with most meaningful or commented on. Instagram serves as a snapshot and tracker of the year, and years past… activities, trends and events. Some days I find myself including longer narratives and more pictures… hence the thoughts of blog-worthiness. I’m pleased you are along for the ride no matter the platform. Although no longer in the immediate line of fire, literally, we keep tabs on the news… we’re all in it together. All the best to you both for the best kind of 2020, kinder weather and much less dust ♡

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  3. I get to see many of your photos on Instagram, but there are lots that I miss ~ and my butterfly brain loves (needs?!) to see things lots of times! So repost here, if you want to. (BTW, can you post directly to Word Press from Instagram?)
    “A benevolent seed” and “wonderful deeds” ~ glorious images, thank you. Hope 2020 is a gentle, sustainable year for you. oxo


    1. Thank you… that quote summed up my best feelings and hopes. I don’t believe there’s an Instagram-Wordpress interface -wouldn’t that be easy- but there is at least cut and paste which I use between Facebook and Insta. I get people have social media preferences and limited time… I’ve tried to avoid too much repetitiveness across platforms but some of my Insta posts are getting longer…


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