from my #witchskitchen . . .

I’m preparing to launch @daleleelife101 -and myself- as a stallholder into the world of local markets. A long-term patron of local markets… and not so local… we visited our fair share of markets when we travelled around Australia in 2016… for years I have bored the G.O. witless with my to-ing and fro-ing on the possibility of realising my dream of having my own stall. On the one hand there is -I believe- too much gratuitous consumer stuff being thrust at us these days. On the other hand, I derive great satisfaction from creating simple inexpensive household and personal products. Finally it came down to monkey see monkey do: I hope to inspire others ​with my manifesto… ​#LiveSimpleHomeMadeGrownLocalCreativeBetter​.​

#inmykitchen … despite being a fan of recycling, I detest cleaning jars… fortunately I find filling them with a witch’s kitchen of contents irresistible…

​​As soon as we tree-changed from city to country three and a half years ago I began working on our mission statement to… “follow our dream of living simply and creatively” ​by making as many food, household and personal items as my time and talents allow… simple seasonal condiments and preserves, flavoured salts, dried herbs, tea, cleaning products, deodorant, fragrance… some of which as well as plants and seeds will translate to a market stall, and hopefully -time and talent allowing- I’ll be inspired to try my hand at some new creative projects.

After realising another dream -studying Horticulture at Tafe NSW which involved me driving 160 km roundtrip to and from Coffs Harbour twice a week for two and a half years during semester time- I’ve turned my focus to home, studying Certificate IV Permaculture via Tafe NSW and the National Environment Centre flexible online learning… a commitment of additional course hours but no commute, hopefully scope for further creativity.

#inmygarden … I now have my own shed

A multitude of ideas and options crisscross my mind but I keep returning to the intention… keep it real. Other than investing in a small selection of beautiful and reusable amber glass bottles all other bottles and jars are recycled as well as reusable, keeping plastic as much as possible to a minimum.

After I complete a Food Safety Supervision training course in early August, my plan is to begin with the next local Taylors Arm markets, held our lovely old village hall. I’ve persuaded -I hope- a couple of neighbours -a baker and a maker- and maybe the G.O. to have a go as well. Part of the motivation that finally prompted me to act is my wish for a successful & regular village market. More stallholders are needed… be the change you want to see in your community.

“Don’t underestimate the power of your vision to change the world. Whether that world is your office, your community, an industry or a global movement, you need to have a core belief that what you contribute can fundamentally change the paradigm or way of thinking about problems.” Leroy Hood

Taylors Arm village markets in the old hall

“Village life gently swirled around them, with the perpetual ebb and flow of people, scurrying in every direction. The village was a living, organic entity, with blood flowing through its veins, and with a definite pulse and heartbeat. It had its own distinct personality and its own dark caustic humour, and was constantly processing and regurgitating information through its winding, meandering streets.” Leonardo Donofrio, Old Country

13 thoughts on “from my #witchskitchen . . .

  1. I made jewellery and sold it at the Alice Springs markets, 25 years ago now. It was not easy but I enjoyed it for a couple of years and I have the utmost respect for those who are able to do it year in and year out. It’s so nice to sell things to people that you have put your heart into and get the direct feedback. I look forward to future updates as you go along. Best wishes Dale.

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    1. Thank you… some are born to it I think but I don’t have a shopkeeper’s bone in my body. Nevertheless, I believe as a society we’re losing a vital part of our culture and community to souless consumer exchanges. So, I’ll give it a go. Your jewellery is beautiful and authentic… there’s always a place for that.

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  2. Brilliant idea! I did the Dorrigo market for 3 years, selling my sewing work, eggs, chestnuts, whatever I had, made or could produce. It’s huge fun, but can be hard work, and freezing cold setting up in the shade at 7am on a winter’s morning. Later, when you have a steaming coffee and the sun comes out and you’ve sold a few things, all that’s forgotten. You connect with your community, hear the news and get access to products, ideas and inspiration to nourish the soul.


    1. I can only imagine the demand for your products… and for your presence. We love Dorrigo markets and usually go a couple of times a year… not so much in winter. I agree, markets have the best vibe… it’s taken a while to work up the courage but I’m looking forward to being part of it from behind the table.

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  3. What a fantastic vision you have, Dale ~ and your vision is not only for you and the GO, but also for your community. That’s wonderful. It’s a pity I live too far away to buy some of those delicious homemade goodies from your #witchkitchen. Looking forward to being on the journey with you.


    1. I look forward to having your company on my journey… right now it’s at the leap of faith stage… putting it all together, so I follow through… after all these years I know my nature very well.


  4. I hope this will be an interesting endeavor for you, Dale. We have local farmer’s markets here in the Midwest US, where fresh produce is mostly offered. Larger cities farmer’s markets offer a vast variety of homespun goods. Sometimes it’s a bit too commercialized for me. But I was pleasantly surprised a few years back when we visited NYC and found all sorts of fresh produce, dairy and even meats offered at an early morning farmer’s market. Fresh cut and potted country flowers were also present. And the vendors were very friendly and offered many free samples. Somehow I thought the big city experience would be lacking, but instead I was highly impressed.

    Best wishes for this to be a positive and enlightening experience for you!! ~ Lori

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    1. Living in the city our experience with farmers markets was similar, the best of the country came to us. Living now in the country, we are fortunate to have some good markets and offerings but not weekly, and the best still goes to the city, an economic reality.
      I’m looking forward to being part of our small local contribution underpinning a broader culture.

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    1. Thank you. I feel privileged to be in such a learning space, and yes, that and moving from the city has been life-changing, sometimes a little busier than I anticipated. I popped by your blog, life is going well for you also 🙂


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