small pleasures

Hello from mid-semester holidays.

small pleasures: foraged blooms and backyard eggs

My year of studying Horticulture at Tafe is hurtling along. One more term -8 weeks- until I complete Certificate 3, during which time I need to decide what to study next year… Too much of a good thing is wonderful! Despite more than a few aaarrrghhh I’m never going to meet this study-assignment deadline  moments, I love being a face-to-face student, fortunate to find myself in the company of interesting & interested adult learners and talented teachers in an environment encompassing pleasant campus grounds, greenhouses and classrooms.

Day-to-day life continues to be a work in progress. The G.O. and I regularly marvel that we are still refining -but at least improving- the approach to and execution of our #lessismorelife.

Although reconciled that many of my pastimes remain in limbo currently usurped by study and [often somewhat pared back] real life, as well as studying I continue to work at crafting a lifestyle which gives more attention to daleleelife101’s social media presence as well as recreational reading, writing and better than ad hoc visits across the blogging community. I have much to show & tell but coalescing it into shareable form remains an elusive art.

On the home-front we have been mostly focussed on the garden, necessarily. We’re two days into October and rain is falling for the first time since our early winter drenching courtesy of Cyclone Debbie in mid-June. When your household relies solely on rainwater tanks, almost 4 months with no rain feels like a very looooong time.

Some time ago when it became apparent record dry & hot temperatures and the forecast lack of precipitation was ongoing we implemented further water conservation measures, including harvesting kitchen sink water to keep the garden alive. In the midst of a dry winter and beginning to spring it has rewarded us with small pleasures.

“… real happiness isn’t something large and looming on the horizon ahead, but something small, numerous and already here. The smile of someone you love. A decent breakfast. The warm sunset. Your little everyday joys all lined up in a row.” ~ Buried Light, Beau Taplin

small pleasures: shallot blooms
small pleasures: coriander blooms
small pleasures: basil blooms
small pleasures: rocket blooms
small pleasures: strawberry blooms
small pleasures: sage blooms
small pleasures: violet blooms
small pleasures: wisteria blooms
small pleasures: early tomatoes
small pleasures: wasabi lettuce blooms



16 thoughts on “small pleasures

  1. That was a lovely way to start my stormy Monday! As I scrolled down your blooms my face blossomed with a smile too! Thank you. Great to see how your garden grows (in all sorts of ways). I must make more of an effort to check on your picture posts – assuming you are posting on Instagram more often than blogging? I can see to the right of this post what looks like a Roses marmalade jar full of buttons. I went through a phase of saving those and painting them white – why? I don’t know. Enjoy your holidays 🙂


    1. Thank you. I pop in and out of Instagram… if you click on the links on the blog page you can see the caption.
      Very observant.. indeed a Roses marmalade jar, left behind by a visitor, emptied and repurposed!
      Despite the lack of rain we have flowers, for which I’m thankful. I’m pleased you enjoyed the pics.


  2. We’ve had some rain too! About an hour’s worth of torrential tropical downpour late last night, and another short one early this morning. Remarkably, there’s already a fine green haze over the brown grass, and the air is so much sweeter and less dusty. A small pleasure, but an intense one! Looking forward to catching up with you both later on this month 🙂


  3. I am pleased that your course has brought you so much, knowledge and friendships that will last for a long time. The simple flowers are beautiful, and the seeds to come will be very welcome too.


  4. ‘Small pleasures’, Dale? What a ‘Great pleasure’ it is to wander over somewhere where it is peaceful and productive and gentle, travelling away from what seems like an increasingly maddening world . . . love your photographic journey showing the beauty of the smallest blossoms we may not always note . . . oh, and would you send just a few sprinkles of rain down south: September said a firm ‘no’ to even ‘Camelot rain’ . . .


    1. Thank you. I think we have seen the last of the rain for a while but it was welcome and useful. We keep up with the sometimes ‘maddening world’… its frustrations felt by so many of us. But we aim for some quiet space & life which allows us welcome respite… sometimes in the form of the joy of seeking out & appreciating those small blossoms.


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