hop, skip and jump to the point

I could get used to this. The G.O. not working on Saturdays, and spending time by the water.

Last Friday when the G.O. communicated the news he has at last finished working at the site where he’s been doing 160 kilometre daily round trip commutes, often working Saturday, I called my sister to see if she and our new niece, sunny Skye apple of her family’s eye, had a free Saturday. Not quite, but could meet up in the afternoon.

Excellent. That meant we didn’t have to rush our trip from Sydney to the Hunter Valley. And could take up a recommendation from a work colleague who’s a local, to stop for breakfast from the Estuary Kiosk on the way.

An hour drive and about half way along our journey, only minutes from the M1 motorway exit, Estuary Restaurant is at Kangaroo Point just over the old bridge and first turn to the left on the Old Pacific Highway on the Hawkesbury River driving towards Brooklyn. The restaurant has scored some spectacular reviews… currently some spectacularly bad… so we’ll be giving it a miss until that’s ironed out, but our takeaway coffees and bacon and egg rolls from the kiosk were first-rate. The refurbished park area is attractive and the views are amazing. We’ll be back!

We love the Hawkesbury River. The G.O. has a long affection for the area as he worked an oyster barge on the river for a few years, and still says it was the best job he ever had. Nearby Brooklyn is a favourite for fish and chips or meeting up for family celebratory lunches at Lifeboat Seafood, handy for us as we can catch the train from the city.

The Hawkesbury River is the setting for the 2004 Australian film The Oyster Farmer and recently the two-part ABC television mini-series The Secret River adaptation of Kate Grenville’s novel of the same name.

“This place had been here long before him. It would go on sighing and breathing and being itself after he had gone, the land lapping on and on, watching, waiting, getting on with its own life.” Kate Grenville, The Secret River


28 thoughts on “hop, skip and jump to the point

  1. We spent our honeymoon in the Hunter Valley. Don’t remember driving that way though. Yay for weekends eh? Partner has just had a week of nights (bar redec) and it’s totally thrown our sleep.


    1. It’s the most direct route but there are others. You can see the river from the road but stepping off is when the truly amazing vistas open up. One of the best vantage points is traveling across by train.


    1. Thank you. Time spent near the water, as you know, has rejuvenative powers 🙂
      I have to admit I couldn’t watch the end of the movie. The story of The Secret River is good but not pretty. Not the finest days in Australia’s history.

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad you say that. When I visited California I felt quite at home, not half way around the world. I like to imagine you’d feel similarly about Australia 🙂


  2. Absolutely beautiful. I love that quote from Kate Grenville’s book – sometimes I feel that way about the farm 😉 It’s so good to get those weekends back xxx


  3. I love your road-trip-travelogue type posts. My only gripe is that I always want to go there…/now/. lol Stunning photos as well. That last one, of the bridge, feels so familiar. Is that bridge part of the route to Newcastle? I went there with the ex on our honeymoon 30ish years ago.


    1. I love them too! And hope to do more in the future 🙂 I spent the remainder the working week wanting to go back to Watsons Bay… it was there across the harbour view from my office outlook calling me. So spending a sunny Saturday morning near the water was just what I needed.
      You would have crossed that bridge and the Hawkesbury River on your way to Newcastle via the Pacific Highway. The new M1 motorway and bridge now runs parallel.


  4. Looks like our perfect little getaway. We are just starting to plan a trip to southeast NSW. Really glad for you both that the GO has some better hours.


    1. It was a boon stopover, so nice not to be rushing and have time to enjoy it. There’s so much to see and do on our door steps. Our list of to-visit, re-visit places is never ending. I’ll be very interested to see where you go.
      We manage the hours the best we can, at least the commute will be shorter for a while 🙂


  5. What a gorgeous twinkly day! I love Brooklyn and the Hawkesbury as well – my uncle and aunt owned the houseboat business there for years and years. I love crossing the Hawkesbury bridge on our way down to the city. Beautiful country.


    1. Good recommendations are such a gift. It made such a difference to the flavour of our day, taking our time and enjoying breakfast in the sun.
      I’ve never been on a houseboat, on my nice to do but haven’t got there yet list. Boating on the Hawkesbury would be lovely 🙂

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  6. Oh what a BEAUTIFUL area. I love these shots. John leaves at 4 in the morning now to get to is job and is home by 6.30 – 7. He eats his dinner half asleep then takes himself to bed. That kind of commute 6 days a week is crippling. Thank goodness GO is over his and you can have some times together.


    1. Thank you. I quite relate when you speak of spending time on and doing so many things in your own and needing to wait until John is home for others. Just half an hour at each end of the day makes a difference and no-work Saturdays are gold 🙂


  7. Ooh, nice. My husband’s new job gives him more free time. It is nice. I hope the GO can keep up that “spare” time. Lovely photos.


    1. Thank you. I love all this good news from you, your move has worked out so well, great inspiration to never stop hoping and trying 🙂 We aim for work – life balance. Sometimes we succeed!

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