take me to that special place

Our Christmas Turkey (lower LHS)  guardian of the gifts
Our Christmas Turkey (lower LHS) guardian of the gifts

Our bags and bits ‘n pieces are packed. Work is almost done for the year. Gifts wrapped in brown paper and shiny ribbon wait beneath our well loved Christmas tree, discovered under the house. Each year we decorate it wondering about its provenance.

In a couple of days we’ll make the drive north for holidays at our home at Taylors Arm, sweetened by the knowledge we won’t be city-bound again for a few weeks. Holidays for the G.O. & I means free time together & at home, beaches, day trips and relaxation.

Holidays at Taylors Arm also means no internet access so I won’t be visiting virtually during those few weeks but my thoughts will touch on the blogworld from time to time.

As well as the festive season -our tenth Christmas together at Taylors Arm, it’s my third blogiversary. To celebrate, I’m sharing a meditation I wrote that takes you to special place of your own choosing.

The words of the meditation are printed on a photo of the hills we see from the back of our home at Taylors Arm.
A very special place for me.

Wishing you all the very best with love and light and happiness.

♥ EllaDee

take me to that special place

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33 thoughts on “take me to that special place

  1. Have a wonderful break. Enjoy the detachment from electronica, the peace, the change of pace. And you know where my happy place is. If you get a chance, do visit, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Talk to you again in 2015.


  2. Thank you for the gift, EllaDee. I’ve saved it for future use — and it will be used.
    I hope you both enjoy a wonderful holiday season, better than all that came before, and may you find 2015 is filled with joy.


  3. That reminds me of one of my creative thinking taster sessions where we were taken through a visual journey. It was good enough for me to sign up for it as a component of my MBA.

    We’re off to, although not for weeks on end. Say around ten days I think. If we ever get our vehicle insurance papers through!

    Have a lovely first married Christmas and very best wishes for the new year.


  4. We are in Sydney at the moment EllaDee. If you look out of your office bldg toward Campbell’s Cove you will see a funny looking catamaran type yacht. It belongs to old friends and we have been staying on it. Friday as we leave I will think of you going to your lovely place at Taylor’s arm and us back to Alice for an equally restful time after a very mixed week in Sydney. X


  5. I’ll miss you! Thank you for all your thought-provoking – or just plain interesting – posts, for all your thoughtful comments on my posts, for letting a stranger like me into a little of your world. Have a wonderful Christmas, may the new year bring you health, happiness and even more fulfilment.
    And – what a lot of presents! Hope there’s plenty to enjoy in there and thanks for the meditation, I will use it. Mx


    1. Thank you. Strangers in the blogging world quickly become community and friends, such are our connections and nature of sharing 🙂
      I know about how many presents, except for mine I wrapped the rest… The G.O.’s granddaughter is coming away with us, and 2 grandsons & the parents arrive Boxing Day; most of the prezzies are for them, a few for the G.O., me, other family, the neighbours, and the cat!

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  6. Nothing has more meaning than a stray that is discovered under the house this time of year. Sent just to you and waiting to be found? (Obviously the lovely tree is pleased with her new family.)
    The meditation is the nicest gift. Thanks so much. (No place better to spend Christmas than a place with that view.)
    My dad always hauled us out of the city to the farm for Christmas. I was grown before I ever had a city Christmas – or experienced the mall frenzy. Of the two, I’d say the rural experience is the best seasonal gift.
    Merry merry cheer and Christmas wishes to you and yours!


    1. This will be Christmas Tree’s 10th season with us, who knows how many before that and who with! My Christmases too were always country… big excitement of the local store setting up a special annual Santa’s toys display 🙂
      Thank you, best wishes and pats to you and yours.

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  7. I wish you and the G.O a fabulously quiet and relaxing break at Taylor’s Arm. I will miss your reflective pieces but I am sure that, with a pen and notebook, there will be plenty of time for reflection and we will all be the beneficiries of these at a later date. Thanks for the meditation.


    1. Thankyou. The meditation is a fair exchange I think for several of your recipes I have printed to take with me 🙂 Possibly I’ve overestimated the time I’ll have for reading all the books etc I have packed and trying the recipes -the G.O. certainly thinks so! As well, there are notebooks & post-its at hand to scribble any inspiration that finds a chink.


  8. Enjoy your time away and the holidays. It’s hard for me to imagine Australia and all its beauty but I hope to go there one day. We are going to our mountain cabin in the Sierras for the holidays. Even though we live in a different world we seem to be doing the same things. Have fun!


    1. Thank you 🙂 As the holidays roll around I’ve enjoyed seeing what we all have planned for eating, celebrating and relaxing, sharing in the festive atmosphere lead up.


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