stayin’ alive

Like a Girl Scout, I am prepared. I have my Last Wishes in order. I cautioned “you never know”… on that same subject but I didn’t think the opportunity to vindicate my preparedness would arise so soon.

Being a seasoned commuter and inner-city pedestrian, any risks I take crossing roads are calculated. I look both ways and look again. I pay attention. I don’t tarry. However along the strip I traverse from St Peters train station to my neighbourhood there are two sets of traffic light crossings where even if you cross according to walk signals, you take your life into your hands. So I’m cautious. Very.

Possibly risk is amplified because drivers having made their way through usually congested King Street or local back streets are relieved and eager for a break in traffic.

Reenactment: 24 hours later.
Reenactment: 24 hours later.

On my Monday journey home, rather than wander along further to the equally nefarious crossing, the green walk signal flashed at the closest so I stepped out, other commuters walking against the red almost across ahead of me. I scanned for unexpected cars and proceeded a few steps. A car zipped around the corner and I found I’d somehow retraced just enough steps to avoid it, loudly exclaiming “Oh My God!” I have no idea why I said that but it worked, God intervened… It was not until the driver’s open window was next to me that she saw me, having missed hitting me only because I’d moved out of her path. Visibly, she recognised her misjudgment but as it was the middle of a busy road, we went our ways without further interaction.

A near miss, I thought as I took refuge on the footpath but walking along I noticed my shaking hands and realised how near. When the G.O. arrived home shortly after me, the unsteadiness was still apparent in the haphazard pieces of potato I was chopping up for salad.

Last year a woman was seriously injured early one morning crossing at the same place. Both the G.O. and I have had not-so-close escapes at those crossings.

I believe our life contracts may incorporate a number of opt-out interchanges, but not quite as interpreted by AC-DC’s Back in Black lyrics…

“Forget the hearse cause
I’ll never die
I got nine lives cat’s eyes
Using every one of them and runnin’ wild
Cause I’m back…”

Having been fond of fast cars, motorbikes, life and… the G.O.’s near miss recollections are more numerous than mine. But I have a couple…

A few months before my 27th birthday my GP advised I needed to have pre-cancerous cells on my cervix removed. This was more than two decades ago, pre-laser, and I was advised it was routine minor day surgery under anaesthetic. In hindsight it seems in some cases women were treated prematurely rather than waiting for the currently suggested follow-up screening.

I was the last patient of the morning and emerged from the surgery in bed, bright, hungry and well until I went to the bathroom and discovered too much blood. The nurse whipped me back into the operating theatre and unsuccessfully tried to call the gynaecologist who’d gone off to golf. So it was up to the on-call junior doctor plainly perplexed by the amount of blood, to sort out an internal misplaced scalpel nick that needed stitching. They were able to contact the anaesthetist who suggested he wasn’t needed as it could be done without pain relief. The others disagreed, so he put me back under.

As he did I realised I was conscious but couldn’t move… anything. Not even my eyelashes as I tried to signal the nurse whose eyes were gazing down at me. Suddenly my vantage point changed and I was looking from above at the operating theatre tableaux. Not yet, was my last thought.

This time I woke in the recovery room with my husband sitting next to the gurney. As I recounted to him what I’d experienced, he explained why the nurse had brought him into recovery; I’d lost enough blood that I’d died briefly on the operating table, and they let him stay with me while I came around.

If you’re into palmistry I have a gap and boon line at the corresponding place on my lifeline.

It’s not a story I’ve shared widely (up until now!) not only because I don’t wish to debate with people who think the afterlife is hooey but after Mum died, there were whispers speculating… so many people think kids’ hearing/comprehension is deficient… the possibility I would die young too at the same age. It was only when I had that next birthday, the one my mother hadn’t, it occurred to me, technically, I did exactly that.

About a decade later, mid Friday afternoon I was driving home on the freeway over a long bridge in pre-peak hour traffic when a motorbike and car clipped each other creating a balls amongst skittles effect. As my car exited the scene, accelerating away from the bridge, my conscious awareness returned. Looking in the rear view mirror at the chaos I realised I’d been watching remotely as my car was guided swerving amongst the other vehicles like in a movie scene.

At that moment, my mobile phone rang. It was Dad, an unusual time for him to call. I picked up. He asked, how are you, is everything ok?  How did he know?

“You know it’s all right. It’s OK.
I’ll live to see another day…”

Stayin’ Alive, Bee Gees



31 thoughts on “stayin’ alive

  1. I got shivers reading your stories. I also got very distracted reading about palmistry. Not sure that was a good idea!

    I’ve only had one out of body experience when I was happily floating in the hospital room looking down at myself – but that was more due to the morphine I’d just been given as a painkiller.


    1. The palmistry site is very diverting, I’ve saved it for further study at the same time remembering I need to take my unprofessional interpretations lightly, one of the disadvantages of reading for oneself.
      Out of body episodes are put down to many things, and some people might not remember. I’ve never had morphine but it’s interesting to hear other’s experiences.


  2. For the first time ever a scientific survey has proved the validity of life after death.
    It’s funny but some years ago my ex first wife was at a spiritualist church and was told I’d passed on. She was a little started therefore to hear from me not long after and thought it all baloney. But, I had died at just about that time in hospital and been resuscitated. I knew what was going on in the ward but was anxious to make my way to the light up ahead.
    I’m so glad you survived your experiences as I’m sure the G.O. is and I’m quite sure the connection between you and your dad was what had him calling you. Getting your car and self safely through that mess with some guidance shows we’re never alone.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    1. I saw that article, it all adds to the information about near death… I laugh, of course it’s real, it happens, but understanding why is their thing. Me, I’m happy to just know what I know. What an interesting experience you had. I’m pleased you didn’t find your way through the light. I’m sure your ex was very surprised you contacted her! I’m always grateful for the guidance 🙂


  3. Whew – I’m still feeling the chills in my arms! Glad you’re still here – and you take care! I’ve come close to serious danger on my travels, but the only odd body experience I had was when I was really very ill as a child – at home, my mother wouldn’t let me go into hospital – and levitated – not looking down, just rose up in the air – I still believe to this day that I did but no one was there to see. There’s so much we can’t explain – it’s a mystery.


    1. Thank you 🙂 It is a mystery why these things happen, but they do. The stories interest me, and I too believe yours. Sometimes the tie between spirit and body is tested.


  4. Life and the world are full of coincidences, and sometimes they come piling up at a time when we’re actually paying attention. I’m pretty sure there’s something after I die, but I’ve never had an encounter with it, and I do actually believe in links between people who care about each other. I once woke in the middle of the night convinced there was a problem with my then boyfriend. At 3am, I though he’d be annoyed if I called and there was nothing wrong, but by 6am, I couldn’t wait any longer. He was in hospital, having had an accident on his bike…


    1. A lot of the time there is something to those gut feelings, especially when they make themselves known suddenly like that… but sometimes navigating them is tricky. It would have been a long 3 hours for you.
      I agree, I think we all to a greater or lesser degree have energetic connections 🙂


  5. Tale told well. As you say, things like this perplex some. Been there, too. Maybe it is inherited – while my mom never spoke much, she let things slip sometimes – and her experiences frightened her. It is what it is. Some see. Others may just block it out?
    (but more than medical community likes to admit, patients in the ER/OR sometimes aren’t fully under but “frozen” in place.)
    Hope your Holler-Ring is howl-at-the-moon wonderful


    1. Thank you 🙂 I haven’t spoken of it much, although I’m quite certain of what happened and why. There’s a lot been covered in books, TV shows, movies but it’s most interesting to hear of other’s experiences… near death, close shaves, spiritual connections. I was very fortunate that nurse confirmed what I thought, otherwise I might have wondered. I’m sure the medical community deal with it more than is freely admitted.

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  6. Woe, some intense moments. Very scary. How strange, that you almost left this plain at the same age as your mom. How tragic for you both back then. It must’ve been a horrifying experience for you, and I’m so glad you made it through for me to meet you.

    I find myself censoring my own blog of references to God and/or the spirits that watch over us. I’ve been considering posting my own story about the time I witnessed angels coming to my rescue, but like you, have been hesitant. I am very glad that you shared yours and enjoyed reading it. I wish that we didn’t feel the need to stop ourselves from sharing our truths. I have many drafted blogs scheduled, but I think, eventually, I will post my angels experience.


    1. The experience was quite curious, rather than horrifying, it wasn’t until later I realized the significance, that I did “die” at the same age as Mum as speculated all those years ago!
      It’s not via the blog forum I had reservations with sharing info… it’s in my real world where for various reasons some friends and family would have reactions I’d not want to deal with! I’ve found the blog post comments in this instance, and others, to be rewarding and validating.
      I’d love to hear about your angel experience but sharing it is up to you. I recently read one of Doreen Virtue’s angel books and loved it. 🙂

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      1. I’ve read Doreen Virtue too. My angel experience was nothing like what she experiences. Mine was more like yours, you know, a physical problem popped up and so did the angels! 🙂 I wrote a story about it a long time ago and let it sit in a file in my computer. I will probably post it eventually.

        I’m glad you’ve had such a positive experience with comments on this subject.

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  7. Phew, reading that has made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.
    I’m not at all religious, but I do believe there is some force out there, guiding, protecting or whatever, there are too many folk that recount similar incidents.
    I’m just off to read the palmistry site and study my hands. Many times I’ve had folk say how lined my palms are and how I ought to get them read.


    1. I’m not religious either, and refer to God as such because that’s my upbringing but also as Universe, Spirit, etc… to me are all one and same. The palmistry site is interesting, but I find it impossible to read for myself, so much is subject to our own perspectives. Even readings by others can be influenced by their own projections. I remember a reader many years ago telling me I’d have 3 children… I did have 3 fur children but none of the other sort!


      1. You’re right about not being able to read our own palms, I got totally lost and confused in all my lines.
        Do the signs actually mean human children, 3 fur children sounds good to me 😊


        1. I have no idea what the reader saw in my palm for her to say that… but I guess when people think of children traditionally they think of human children but we know very well that the bonds with the fur children are very deep, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they signify the same way. It would require a reader’s intuition-sight to differentiate. Some readers don’t have that and simply go by the markings 🙂


    2. Ha! I want to know what your lines are now. I have really distinct ones based on EDs link site. Head, strong, heart, strong, life? Absolutely and utterly broken in the middle on both hands. But long and doesn’t tail off. Who knows? I found it fascinating though. True or not?


      1. Excellent reading from what I read on the site! As far as I can loosely understand re palmistry in general, dominant hand is future [as it may eventuate now] and other is what has been or you have brought with you… Big gap in lifeline may represent major life change amongst other things…


        1. Sorry, I could have gone into detail but it seemed a bit egotistical on someone else’s blog. I interpreted the big change to be chucking work and life in UK, moving to Europe, parents dying, and then buying a flat in Gib and changing our life again. It’s about halfway down the lifeline which would make sense ie the onset of middle age.

          But there again it’s probably quite easy to find something to fit the lines.

          Looking forward to Vicky sharing her weirded dreams and your interpretation 🙂


  8. I’ve also experienced that city traffic and you take your life in your hands (I even chased a car one day that had gone through a red light and nearly hit me – oh the joys of living in the city!) lol

    I’ve had my palm read a few times and they all tell me I was adopted. It’s freakin weird! My life-line starts with a fork so it comes from two directions and then joins into one. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t adopted, but just can’t figure out what happened when I was a child that would cause such a huge paradigm shift.

    I’m so glad your still alive xxxxx


    1. Palmistry is fascinating but I don’t know much about it… sometimes though, like many things, what is read depends on the interpretation of the reader and their knowledge. My lifeline also starts with a fork… and another “boon” line adjacent… On the site I linked it says “Sometimes two or more lines come together to form the life line. This means that several life forces (rays of creation) are coming together to create a particular incarnation. It indicates a special incarnation but not necessarily an easy one…”
      I have this vision of you, irate, chasing a car… too funny, but I’ve had several heated exchanges… i.e. the offender has yelled at me even though they are clearly in the wrong. In this recent instance she looked shell shocked that she’d almost hit me… not paying attention at all behind the wheel.
      Thank you. I’m pleased to be alive too. Life is good 🙂

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  9. Holy smoke! Your history certainly justifies the current multi-fold security checks prior to street crossings and more. You’ve had enough close calls to turn a soul of weaker constitution into a neurotic, but not our EllaDee! When I look back, I had a few close calls but they were due to stupid situations I put myself in when I was in my twenties and there was no such thing as danger. Since then there’s been the kind of thing when driving, for instance, when you look just in time to avoid disaster, and all you can do is offer up a “Thank you” to whomever or whatever!


    1. I’m sure there are many times when I’m not in the driver’s seat, literally or figuratively… and say many thank you’s to whomever and whatever is looking after me 🙂 Oh, so true, about the twenties… we were all bulletproof! A couple of twenties memories just replayed themselves across my vision – as my aunt has been known to say “better luck than good management”!


  10. Having had my foot run over by a car that cut a corner too close, I now stand back, away from the curb when waiting for traffic to clear. No sense tempting The Fates twice.I have read a number of articles about near-death and out-of-body experiences and find the subjects fascinating. So very glad that you’re here to tell us about it, EllaDee. 🙂


    1. A run over foot would be painful, and also just bloody annoying from the sheer stupidity of the driver. I too stand back but because the buses zooming past seem like an accident waiting to happen. The Fates are kind but I think they expect us to learn from our experiences too. Those subjects, and about past lives, mediums, etc are fascinating to me too. I think we have an awareness of the possibilities subconsciously and are attracted to the information and experiences.


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