smoke gets in your eyes

The G.O. and I awoke somewhat bleary eyed on Sunday morning after my youngest sister’s Friday wedding at Port Stephens. No, we hadn’t tied one on. Our muzzy eyes were more to do with NSW Rural Fire Service hazard reduction burns across the bay at Tea Gardens-Hawks Nest evident by the plumes of smoke we’d seen the previous day. The morning sun was a little hazy too.

8.45 am Sunday looking over Port Stephens
8.45 am Sunday looking over Port Stephens


[Smoke gets in your eyes, The Platters]

18 thoughts on “smoke gets in your eyes

  1. Awesome photo, at once beautiful and scary. I had to look up this business of hazard reduction burns and I guess burning is a last resort. Hope that’s true. It’s very sci-fi sounding and–according to your photo–looking!


    1. Thank you 🙂 The controlled fires are done in good weather to reduce hazard material which may burn during bushfire season – usually summer. The more they can do the better. Very controversial though. The sun and sky looked much worse than I would have thought from the 2 plumes of smoke we saw but it was very calm and good weather, so the smoke just hung around. Who can blame it. I didn’t want to leave.


  2. That is one stunning photo. As well as the effect, I love the contrast between the subtle pinky grey colours of the sky and the silhouettes of the trees. Hope the wedding was fun.


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