17 thoughts on “the doctor

  1. Thought the white coated friend was doctoring the nasturtiums! But you know what they say about stroking pets being good for stress. Anybody’s pet. I can give you a virtual loan of a white coated puppy 😀


    1. It does look like that but he’s just chilling 🙂 Thankfully there are plenty of cat fur practitioners to avail myself of, whichever route I walk home.
      If you can give Pippa & Snowy a virtual pat for me, I’m sure I will feel the benefit through the ethers.


  2. The busy blahs. That is the perfect description for me at the moment too. The end of the year is flying towards me and I’m not sure I’m ready for it!


    1. The train timetables have changed and I now catch either/or trains, with different cats on each route. White Cat could just be my favourite. He has a ‘voice’ that could belong to a Muppet character, loves to walk along the street and chat 🙂


    1. Ah, yes purrs… I visit a different practitioner for those, Dr. Snoop 😉 No matter what sort of day I’ve had, if I run into these furry neighbors it gets better.


  3. I think your ailment is shared by people the World over, EllaDee. Luckily, it won’t be that long before it vanishes for another year. Hang in there. Drink wine. 🙂


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