burned and bruised

Bushfires ravage the periphery of Sydney and around the state. The weather has been hot, windy and dry. Bad. It’s only October. And it’s getting worse. There’s a cooler southerly change expected that only means the wind will change direction. There are already more than 90 fires burning and 100 homes lost in less than 24 hours. It’s hell on earth for the residents and firefighters.

The G.O. and I are in no danger. But, this is what the we saw from the inner city and south western Sydney late this afternoon. The city may not be burned, but its skies are bruised.


17 thoughts on “burned and bruised

  1. How horrific! As thankful as I am to learn that you both are out of harm’s way, I only wish that the same could be said for all of your countrymen. Let it rain.


    1. It’s not good. Fire season is never good but it’s come early and hard due to a warm dry winter. Despite having seen similar before we can never quite grasp it when it occurs, as it inevitably does. Rain would be good but not looking likely, at the very best, until mid next week. Fingers crossed.


  2. looks like an inferno burning out there somewhere, what ghastly skies! I had better check out the news! it is still hot and windy here, the southerly seems to have petered out … no fires here though … thanks for your post 🙂


    1. Sadly, there are many infernos, the fire fighting resources must be stretched, so many, so bad. At least there are none around your area, and I think the Mid North Coast isn’t too bad either. Hopefully the cooler conditions overnight will have helped somewhat.


      1. gosh, the news is still bad this morning … nothing near us but we have smoke in the air here now … perhaps people will begin to consider the possibility of climate change again …


  3. I was watching the news from the comfort of my couch in Melbourne, and wondering how you were. Is your holiday place safe too? The images and reports are horrific. Stay safe.


    1. Thank you 🙂 We’re fine here in inner Sydney, even the smoke headed north with the wind change, and there were no fires in the proximity of our house on the Mid North Coast. As well as the skies, we were watching the TV too. From the first waft of smoke, all senses go on alert even if there’s no immediate danger. We all know the potential for disaster.


  4. Those pics really bring home the frightening ferocity of bush fires.
    I know I’m always saying how we have too much rain here in the UK, but seeing what a lack of it does makes me realise how lucky we are.
    Stay safe x


    1. Thank you 🙂 We’ve had quite a few years running of wet weather, so the threat was lesser, at least in NSW & Queensland, but with the recent dry spell, the fire services were aware of the increased risk and doing pre-season burn offs but even they I think have been take a little unawares of hgow bad, how quick the season has developed. Mother Nature’s always coming up with something…


  5. I lived through wildfires in San Diego. They are scary. I woke up thinking someone was having a bbq. The smell of fire was everywhere. The sky was orange and it rained ash. That was scary. Glad you are safe. So sorry to hear about the bushfires.


    1. Thank you. Our NSW bushfires occurred very early in the season, pre-season really, and thankfully some cool damp weather helped us out. At the moment Victoria is burning, late in a very dry season, with no help from the weather. Frightening stuff.


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