Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens – Lion Gate Lodge (4)

Making the most of a free lunch hour on a day that offered an early glimpse of spring, I went for a walk to visit the big kitties.

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“Lions and tigers, and bears, oh my!”
Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum

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12 thoughts on “Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens – Lion Gate Lodge (4)

  1. They are cuties aren’t they? Do you know the history of why there are lions there? Better those than those poor creatures in the zoo on north side 😦

    The hyacinths are gorgeous, I love them.


    1. I Googled and just came up with info on the lodge (which in now hired out as a venue and is the primary purpose of the info I could find) which was built in 1878 to house the head gardener. The dates on the gate are 1864, and the sign gives info that part of the wall is one the earliest surviving structures but doesn’t date it. The gardens opened in 1816, and between 1862 & 1883 housed Sydney’s first zoo. Maybe that’s why the lions…
      I’ve been to Taronga Zoo twice, once when I was 4 or 5, and once in my early 20’s with my younger sisters & brother – not my thing…
      Yes, the hyacinths stole the show – I’ve never seen them in so many colours.


  2. Great cats! When I was little and out Museum of Natural Science was in a small building on zoo grounds, there were two stone lions guarding the doors. Kids would scramble up and delight sitting on them. When they finally built a new museum across the park, we all eagerly waited for the lions to return. Some how they seemed to have shrunk when they reappeared. No matter, we still make a point to go by and give them a pet every visit.
    Lovely pictures


    1. Yes, that happens when you’re an adult, things that were huge as a kid somehow seem smaller, no matter, it’s good that they returned.
      Out of all the things & walks in the gardens, it’s the lions that attract me most 🙂


  3. Thanks, EllaDee for taking us on a stroll through the gardens, though it is kind of unnerving. We’ve still a full month of Summer yet and you’re already speaking of Spring’s first signs. I am so not ready for Fall to begin here. Still, there can be no denying Spring’s imminent arrival when there are hyacinth and narcissuses in bloom. Drat! 🙂


    1. I think you need not worry, we’re getting a bit of all weathers here, although not much rain. On past performance the weather won’t truly move to summer util mid December…
      I was surprised to see so many plants in bloom. Now that it’s started it will be an incentive for me to talk a lunch time walk… despite my best intentions motivation is still lacking 🙂


  4. Spring obviously comes a lot earlier in Australia 🙂 If I think of our equivalent month (February) there would be nothing so vibrant as those colours.


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