a game of tag

In the comments to take the money and ride…  I was asked “what’s tagging?” I responded “Tagging is where the graffitists spray letters or a symbol that represents themself or their gang, and as they often spray over street art or indiscriminately, they are quite unpopular.”

But as Frederick R. Barnard said in 1921, a picture paints a thousand words… the pictures in this case being the ones I took this morning at St Peters train station.

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23 thoughts on “a game of tag

  1. One of the scribbles on the top right pic says it all about the tagger mentality doesn’t it? I’m bored. If only they would find something else to do.


    1. Yes! I see ‘bored’ every weekday morning and is why I took that shot. The rail corridors are a huge attraction for the taggers, and annoyance to the Railways, and often a risk for the train drivers and to themselves…


      1. I bet the drivers are stressed every time they pass through the narrow parts of the tracks. What sort of brain thinks it is a good idea to put themselves in that kind of danger?

        Maybe the drivers should get encouragement awards for squashing the idiots rather than getting into trouble….


        1. It would be very stressful, especially as the tagging occurs mainly at night. There was a young bloke killed by a train while graffiti-ing a few years ago but it appears to have had no effect on its popularity as a pastime…


  2. No matter the city, if there’s a railway, there will be taggers, each trying to “outdo” the rest. The more dangerous, the better. As was mentioned, EllaDee, how unnerving it must be for the train conductors and how utterly foolish of the taggers.


  3. Always happy to provide inspiration for a post, after all, I’ve written a few after reading some of yours. That lot is just plain ugly isn’t it? Really shows up the difference between mindless scribble and the creative art you normally post.

    I’m still reeling about your Potts Point druggy paradise news. Back then, although it was next to the Cross, it was very different. It was crossing a border walking down MacLeay St. Next you will be telling me that Rushcutters, Elizabeth and Double Bay are in the top ten!


    1. The post was literally staring me in the face! And to make it worse there are taggers who will tag over a great piece of street art…
      I heard the piece about Sydney’s top 10 suburbs for drug use on the radio but couldn’t find an article online. #2 was Sydney CBD, and I think Campbelltown got a mention… I’m not sure about the other Eastern Surburbs.


      1. There are going to be two types of drug use areas aren’t there? The affluent coke ones – CBD? – and the rundown ones with crims, prostitutes etc. Certainly one morning in the hostel in the Cross a woman was brought out from the house (brothel) next door dead from a heroin overdose.


        1. The definitley appears to be lines… of coke… and of demarcation 😉 Sadly though I have come across heroin addiction in so many walks of life… it seems to insinuate itself everywhere.


    1. So true… I don’t get what it is about tagging or graffiti but I’m guessing maybe a combination of territory, adrenalin and spray paint fumes…


    1. Thank you… it was a lovely sunny morning, great for waiting for the train, not so good for taking photos with smart phone. Some of the tagging is quite talented, I’d like to think it leads to better things 🙂


  4. Over here, it definitely used to have a territorial element to it. In the eighties it was a serious business. A guy at my art college tagged the wrong wall and received a death threat for his troubles.


  5. A good piece of street art, strategically place looks good, but that is more like the graffiti scribble that is around here where I live.

    I think it typical of the mentality of the yobs that do it. Whether it is destroying a good piece of art, keying a car etc etc. the yobs are just hell bent on destroying anything good.


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