take the money and ride…

One of the earlier items of street art featured on elladee_images was the old Waratah Motor Spirit advertisement uncovered by the demolition of the neighbouring building after a fire. But some idiot tagged over the Waratah Motor Spirit advertisement, then it was painted over.  Yesterday the G.O. and I spied a new piece of street art on the same wall.

However as the G.O. noted, the empty site on King Street, Newtown is about to become a residential apartment complex, all pre-sold, so the wall and the street art won’t be visible for long… and the developers will Take the Money and Run.

King Street Newtwon, Sydney NSW Australia

Postscript: I went back and tried to get a better shot of the silver spaceship on the right but it’s obscured by the chain wire fence, and lacks the clarity of the rest of the artwork.

14 thoughts on “take the money and ride…

  1. I love those old ads on walls, I bet they are so hard to preserve though and idiot taggers just don’t even care do they? Love that bike rider. 🙂


  2. Can’t figure out whether I like the rider (dispensing money with wings?) or the red space cadet ghosts best – they’re both fun pieces. What’s happening with the abstract man in armour on the right? A vacant space in the centre of the city doesn’t last long, does it, even in a downturn.


    1. I think it’s all one piece and the red guys are chasing the guy on the bike 🙂 The abstract man in the armour on the right looked like an add-on to me but now I think it maybe the red guys’ space ship… I wonder if it will still be there, and untagged, next time I pass.
      Real estate demand in Sydney, especially in the inner suburbs is just unbelievable.


    1. I like them too, I think I missed their space ship, so I may go home via that route today.
      Tagging is where the graffitists spray letters or a symbol that represents themself or their gang, and as they often spray over street art or indiscriminately, they are quite unpopular.


      1. I figured it was something like that as the comments regarding it have been negative. Ta for that. Forgot to say if inner city Sydney is so much in demand, we should have bought our place in Potts Point!


        1. We wish we’d bought locally, if only, 20/20 hindsight… and so many friends/acquaintances have “I should-could have” stories. Who knew what was once considered a rundown terrace in a dodgy area would later be SO desirable 🙂


        2. One of my few skills is spotting decent property investment. I can’t do anything about the market when it’s flat and I can’t sell them for toffees (leave that to A), but I do know what to buy. He was however, the one that pushed us to buy in the UK, when I said oh we can just rent and move around and – where would we be now? Not with a place in Spain and one in Gib in decent areas.

          I don’t even know if the Potts Point one was for sale, it might have been had we asked. It was ground floor too. The only problem was the neighbour who came in at 3am put on loud music and woke us up, two hours before we were due to get up for him to go to the dockyard. Must have been a druggie.

          We do see people now who are renting in their 50s. They are going to have to work till they drop because they will always need to find the rent money. Not something you think of at 20 odd though.


        3. Your thoughts re Potts Point were probably on the money as in this mornings news it made #1 spot in top suburbs for illegal drug use….


  3. I do like the new images but am not at all pleased that an old advert was lost in the process. Knowing that it will all be torn down does soften the blow, somewhat.
    I’ve read your previous comments with interest. My first home in Chicago was definitely a part of the urban frontier. New to the city, my co-workers, most long-time residents, thought I was crazy living there. Back then, I could easily have bought a number of buildings in that area for what a studio apartment now costs. Ah, hindsight.


    1. The wall was painted over after the old sign was tagged and the wall graffitied. The street art on the wall is new, and I dare say will be tagged by the time I next walk past.
      Those urban frontier areas are the most interesting, dynamic areas to live, providing you aren’t especially fond of space and peace & quiet. My sister owns the 2 room apartment the G.O. and I live in, and in years to come I think it will prove to be a good investment on her part, and of course is currently very convenient for us.


  4. Taggers are so annoying, they have no respect really, that is one thing I really don’t like about them. It is a shame about the developers, that word is becoming one many of us hate now.


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