diamonds and pearls

On the back of the Super Sweet Blogging Award Lord David Prosser generously also nominated elladee_words for the Blogger Award* with the proviso “just so she doesn’t get off too easily she’ll have to do the following”:

1. Thank the person who nominated her and add a link back to the blog. Thank you David.

2. Answer these 5 easy questions.

a) Romance or Humour in books? Both. I recently read Laurie Boris’ The Joke’s on Me. IMG_20130531_070756_edited

b) Favourite meal? Anything the G.O. bbqs for me.

c) Monarchy or Republic for the rest of Europe? No preference but there’s a new royal baby, which is nice.

d) Following Ancestry or looking to the future only? I’m something of a dorrie ancestry-genealogy-family history (anyone’s) tragic, and I’m sure more than one disinterested person has considered running away screaming while I’ve waxed lyrical.

e) Favourite music? At the moment I’m listening to Seasick Steve, courtesy of Buried Words & Bushwa.

blog-award1Nominees please choose 6 bloggers who deserve this award, who can if they wish follow the usual protocols and also change the questions for their nominees.

As usual the disclaimer is some of them don’t do awards posts, none should feel obliged, they are in no particular order, and it is by no means a conclusive list – this is simply my way of saying, in this instance, these are my Blogger Award nominees.

Clouds moving in  “If you don’t care about any of this and you think GM has nothing to do with you then you probably think that the tooth fairy still brings sixpences, even for your wisdom teeth (didn’t happen for me), Santa Claus comes down the chimney even when you don’t have one, or it is blocked up because you don’t like dirty real fires, and Tony Blair and George Bush really believed there were weapons of mass destruction. In which case I have no idea why you are reading this blog” sums up why I like this blog, and its author.

The Future Is Papier Mâché  As well as street portraits and City Stories, Richard recently shared “a taste of the, as yet untitled, work in progress” a snippet of which is “It’s an unusual one for Bamtree,” said the Coroner. “Normally speaking I get people who’ve slashed their own wrists, not ones who’ve had a little helper. These are very careful, deliberate incisions. Someone took the time to do the job properly. Of course, the aconite was a big help in this. Our victim was paralysed probably got to see his own lifeblood draining away. Nasty, if that’s what our murderer did. Hypothesis, of course. Any idea who did it, Rufus?”

Lori’s Lane  This is my review of Lori DiNardi’s Rome Home and Meatballs. “Warm, real and delicious. I have tears of laughter in my eyes from the “frasini” episode… I almost had to do a Grandma & run to the bathroom, and I’m still humming “I Think I Love You”. Lori, keep writing – I want to hear more.”

East of Malaga… and More!  Marianne hosts the CONEJO BLANCO BLOG HOP and CBBH Photo Challenge “sharing a little blog love, each month”…  “There´s a British superstition which states that a person should say or repeat the word “rabbit” or “rabbits”, or say the phrase “white rabbits”, or some combination of these elements, out loud upon waking on the first day of the month, because doing so will ensure good luck for the duration of that month.”

Mybrightlife starts off her About page “A positive take on a charmed life in an amazing part of the world. Mybrightlife is about simple living in a small coastal village in South Africa – a nation of troubling contrasts and complexities or a colourful rainbow painting of complimentary combinations all depends on the headlines of the day which I try to ignore as much as possible. At times tiring and often frustrating, living here grabs you by the proverbial balls and demands that you engage which to me is the very essence of life….this blog explores the day-to-day that makes South Africa so rich, along with other bits and pieces family, community, adventure, travel and such, – of my truly bright life…”

Dianne Gray author  I recently read and reviewed Dianne’s Manslaughter and Other Tears
“Less is more? I wouldn’t have thought so before reading Manslaughter and Other Tears. But I was wrong.  Each of Dianne Gray’s novels I’ve read I’ve tried to savour and been compelled to consume simultaneously. I was completely unprepared for how much depth can be injected into this genre.
Corrugated Dreaming left me speechless. I suspected the ending of The Butcher of Meena Creek but enjoyed the journey nonetheless. Grandmothers and Gypsies was like nails down a chalkboard. Papa’s Gift unraveled me completely.
If for some reason your life seems flat and dull, I prescribe one of these stories at regular intervals. You’ll soon be feeling… better.”

And then commented to Dianne “The are great stories. What I didn’t write in my review was the big sigh and the oh dear I expressed after only a short time reading… so this is what it takes to be a GREAT short story writer… I have such a long way to go”.

My questions for these nominees should they accept the Blogger Award challenge are:

1. How did you come to reside where you are today?

2. What do you collect?

3. What is your favourite fragrance/aroma/smell?

4. What book/s are you reading/writing now?

5. What jewelry do you wear daily?

Prince – Diamonds & Pearls

33 thoughts on “diamonds and pearls

  1. Thank you kindly Ms ED. I think there’s only two other blogs on your list I haven’t visited! An interesting selection. I love mybrightlife. And thanks for the quote saying why you like Clouds.

    Luckily I’m in the midst of a post for Clouds, writing about no less than – clothes – me being the fashion addict that I am, so it will fit neatly at the end of that. I might even throw a line into the post about jewellery 😉

    You must have chosen your questions with your nominees in mind. Very thoughtful and relevant. I’ve got my answers all sorted in my head, just have to wait until I have done a few tedious duties.


    1. yay, I’ve done it! pretty rapido for me. Except I forgot to mention anyone else. Selfish to the last. ‘Twould only include the same favourite commenters anyway. So maybe I get 50% on that one? or maybe more? Answered the questions, linked back and just didn’t do the last bit. Mmm, sounding like 70% to me now 🙂

      Anyway, here it is;


      1. That was quick. I’m impressed with the speed and the post 🙂 I’m not sure how many more awards posts I’ll manage… I always think that, then inspiration strikes although I sometimes have to invoke guidelines rather than rules to roll it out.


    2. My awards post and your Clouds-clothes post coincided fortuitously. The questions were the most difficult aspect of the post but they were drafted without any particular person in mind, just out of my own interests 🙂


      1. While I’m ambivalent about awards, sometimes the question aspects do interest me, and yours were good ones. Or at least they were ones that suited me. And as we agreed the clothes/jewellery link was an interesting one. Had to take off the second set of green beads in bed last night though, too irritating! I was trying to look sexy and glamorous (haha totally against my clothes post principles) but went for comfort (in keeping with clothes post). I might get around to doing a pic of the two sets of green beads.


        1. I’m a little warm out with awards myself… it’s a stretch to come up with new approaches and nominees but I persevere, at least for now as I enjoy the community of it 🙂
          Yep, beads in bed would not work for me, I’m forever flipping and mucking around with them when I wear them during the day.


  2. Thank you so much for the nomination, EllaDee. Yes, my CBBH Photo Challenge always attracts a few quirky entries each month, but it’s a good way of sharing links to a few bloggers that others can recommend to us. A bit like this award, really 🙂 I’ll HOP over and have a look at your other nominees right away.

    PS Should anyone want to come and have a look at my blog, “East of Málaga … and more!” – you will find lots of information and photographs about the area where I live as an expat in southern Spain. Come on over to Andalucía and don’t forget to say “HOLA!” 🙂


    1. Quirky entries are good 🙂 I’m not up to the challenges myself – I can barely manage 3 blogs but I enjoy the posts, and the community of them.


  3. Thank you Ella-Dee. Very kind of you. I think I might be the very worst blogger in the world when it comes to awards and such – only outmatched by my incapacity to blog regularly….but when I do, I enjoy it tremendously and have loved connecting with fabulous writers like yourself, so thanks again for thinking/mentioning me!


  4. Congratulations and thank you so much for the nomination 😀 I’ll be heading over to check out all these other bloggers now 😀

    PS – I haven’t heard of someone being a dorrie for ages and really giggled when I read this. I’m a dorrie too! LOL 😀


    1. When I checked the spelling, dorrie vs dorry, I realised it comes from Number 96 and Pat McDonald’s famous character. Even back then I had a taste for TV soaps, and begged to be able to watch it, to no avail, as it was on later than my bedtime, and far too smutty for my tender age 😉


  5. Congratulations on the award, EllaDee. My heart soared when I read your nomination and lovely review of my anthology. Thank you so much. It means so much to me, my friend. Hugs and Blessings to you.


    1. The more I write, the more I realise how hard it is, to write regularly, and well. I admire what you’ve done, and do. Also more people need to read about Grandma 🙂


  6. EllaDee – I, too, follow ChgoJohn’s fabulous blog … and… I was wondering if you’d please share your recipe for Baked Potato Salad – the one you recently mentioned in your comment to John’s recipe for ham. Your recipe sounds delicious!! Thanks!!


    1. Hi Cecile, Thank you 🙂 It’s not so much a recipe but… I baked a kilo of washed but unpeeled chat (small) potatoes, let them cool a little then tossed them with sundried tomatoes cut into smaller pieces (mine were in an air packed tub not in the jar with oil but you can use those as well and omit the olive oil later*), torn up fresh basil leaves, half a sliced red (Spanish) onion, a quarter of a red bell pepper sliced finely, and dressed with white wine vinegar, French mustard, olive oil*, salt & pepper, and a little sprinkle of sugar if it tastes too tart. I sometimes use balsamic vinegar, and leave out the sugar. I also make it with sliced baked sweet potato or a combination of potatoes…It’s nice also with barely cooked green beans, chopped dates, walnuts, pitted olives and pan fried Haloumi to make a more substantial warm salad. Easy to make and tweak the quantities & ingredients to suit yourself 🙂 EllaDee


      1. Thank you so much for telling me how to make your delicious-sounding baked potato salad – I can’t wait to make it. And I love the combination of flavors for the green beans!! Not too long ago I posted a recipe using new potatoes, fresh parsley and cheese – it was so simple and so good. I just cooked some new potatoes – in the skins – mixed them with butter and some chopped parsley – salt & pepper, then put them in a casserole with some sliced cheese on top and broiled it ’till the cheese melted. My guests that night each had at least two servings – so simple and yet so good! And thanks again for sharing the “makings” for the potato salad !!


    1. Thank you -so lovely of you so say.
      Yes, the G.O. is modest about his cooking skills, but he doesn’t mind bbq-ing although I push my luck and request seafood more often than he’d like 🙂


      1. Just speaking the truth. 🙂 LOL. My dad is a big seafood requester too. I’ve learned to perfectly sear scallops. Today I’m working on a simple cod dish. 🙂


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