the kindness of strangers

Sydney has just experienced 10 consecutive days of miserable rainy winter weather, and I haven’t been out much. Inspired by a quick walk up to Newtown in between showers yesterday, greeted warmly enroute by our little grey furry buddy Davros, I put together a retrospective of neighbourhood cat photos.

Due to our city, tiny apartment, work centric existence the G.O. and I cannot rationalise completing our household with a cat or dog, as we both have in the past.

To allay this lack we make financial contributions to the local Cat Protection Society and when out walking avail ourselves of local neighbourhood cats happy to offer attention, pats and a top up of fur.

“A neighbour’s cat, sitting on the wall, waiting to be stroked, brightens up an  otherwise miserable walk to work.” Author Unknown

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No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch.” Lleo F. Buscaglia

There are also two neighbourhood dogs on our route both of whom we’ve known since pups: Jasper, on George St, a black lab who barks whenever he sees my phone-camera; and Axel, on Flora St, a bull mastiff who requires both hands for a pat. Hence no pics.

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and the post about how the G.O. and I came to live in this neighbourhood thanks to a ginger cat.

29 thoughts on “the kindness of strangers

  1. Ahh cats, they are such funny creatures, too cute for their own good sometimes, of course we would think that because we have one. He does provide lots of entertainment. Lovely post to wake up to EllaDee.


  2. Some great shots there. Good that you’re supporting your CPS even if your current environment doesn’t fit a pet friendly lifestyle. And thanks for the mention. Munchie will be pleased 🙂


      1. Hmm sort of. We’re alternating by crushing them into his food and the forcing down throat method. Both a bit hit and miss at time. Fun for all the family 🙂


  3. Sometimes other people’s pets are the best ones, all enjoyment, no responsibility! Oh well, once you move to TA you will have every opportunity to cover your furniture in fur. 😀


    1. We did have a TA neighbour cat, Crazy, who made himself quite at home at ours and donated fur in return for food, milk, his share of bbq meat and the odd mouse… but his Mum our LHS neighbour gave him away to a family where he has a much better life than being beaten up by the other 3 semi-wild cats that reside with her also.


  4. I’ve heard of your 10 days of rain and that’s depressing. Sunshine, even a little bit, makes a big difference in my day. Though you can’t have a pet right now, it’s great that you donate to a charity instead. It’s wonderful, too, that there are so many neighborhood cats to pet and stroke. There are few cats around here outdoors and most of those are feral. Then again, I’m usually walking Max and he’s not exactly the kind of dog most cats want to get to know. 🙂


    1. The sun is shining today 🙂 I now carry a can of food and a spoon so I always have dinner on hand for my 2 ginger street cats – Ginger Boy, and his Dad 🙂


  5. Such a lovely post 🙂
    What comes across to me most is the way you know a lot by name, and have named the ones who’s names you don’t know.
    Glad you are able to get your ‘fur fix’ from your neighbourhood residents until you are able to have one of your own.
    I know I talk a lot about dogs, but I like cats too, and I’m always happy to give a neighbourhood cat a stroke.


    1. Thank you. I’m and cat and dog person too 🙂 We actually do even know some of the owners to speak to, and a couple of their names… it is the city, where most people like to keep pretty much to themselves… but with their pets there is an exception.


  6. What a perfect quote at the start. (and the last one so true)
    So much fun to see the animal parade. Looks like they have all adopted you and appreciate the extra attention. (Love the map!)
    Hope the weather moderates – we had 2 days of excessive heat (106 in the front yard) and it’s not even August. Molly was refusing to go out…and becoming very bored inside. Today it was upper 70’s during our 6:30 am dog walk – much nicer. Even the bunny family was out on the island. Weather has shifted a bit so we’ll be mid 90’s with low humidity ( wonderful! a bit better than normal weather most July)
    Will look for pix of those huggable dogs someday.
    Thanks for including me in your blog list (RD is waiting for her turn…). Always appreciate some new blogs to explore.


    1. The weather for the last few days has been stunning… of course we are back at work. Yes, we have all those little furry buddies within a few streets. I added the list of blogs for any cat lover or catless people like me 🙂


  7. I was brought up in a non-cat household, both my parents were brought up with dogs but it was obviously cat-free environment. Odd. So I was indoctrinated with dogs good, cats bad sort of mentality. Partner’s family was a mixed one, their cat would follow him to the pub and wait for him to leave and then walk him home 😀

    Anyway, you’ll be pleased to hear that I have lost those silly views (perhaps they have been passed on to Pippa?) and when our neighbour had rescued a street cat a few years ago I would have loved to have taken him in. But the thought of the potential devastation to the flat with Pippa and the cat endlessly chasing and fighting was too much for A. I still see him when he gets out onto the roof opposite and decides to wander along the guttering three floors up. I must try and get a pic of him at some point! He is gorgeous. I thought he was Burmese, but catwoman opposite said he was a brown Siamese. No idea why anyone chucked him out.

    Here’s another link for you, pix & kardz has recently homed Timmy who posts occasionally on her blog.


    1. Thank you for the link 🙂 Timmy bears a great physical and personality resemblence to Min, a cat friend of ours who lives with a previous neighbour.
      I’m happy you now have a fondness for cats… I find it difficult to warm to people who just plain don’t, despite in error having married one first time up 😦
      My oldest and best friend Mrs S. is not overly fond of cats in general but makes an effort for me… when she stays and we walk along one of those streets, she’ll even indulge in a pat or 2.
      I love the story of A’s cat.
      In many cases if a cat really wants to live with you, and the time is right, it will find a way – they are canny like that. My aunt and uncle were dog people but Phyllis chose their garage to have her kittens… and stayed on as a loved member of the household until she died almost 2 decades later 🙂

      Ahh cat stories 🙂


      1. We nearly had one living with us. Or at least it was squatting with us. We went back to the finca on one occasion and a feral cat had found a nice safe place in the workshop to have her kitten. Only one, presumably because it was feral so couldn’t support loads. But when we walked in again it had fled 😦


        1. It’s a pity you couldn’t have gotten hold of the kitten but that’s why she would have moved it. The nick name for the G.O.’s workshop at TA is the Love Shack because that’s where the LHS neighbour’s semi-feral cats congregate to make and have their kittens. Fortunately there haven’t been any kittens for a while. We caught one tiny black one and took him to the RSPCA – we couldn’t keep him, he would go from being so cute and cuddly to so noisily unhappy about being separated, he needed a little help from the professionals.


        2. Hey we were just happy she had found a safe and quiet place to have her kitten. Obviously she was disturbed when we arrived so hopefully she found another safe place. Never seen them around but this was some time ago. But there is a lot of street life where we live in Spain, it comes and it goes. A bit like the people who live on the streets 😦


  8. How lucky you are to have a whole neighbourhood stocked full of cats! Making friends with others’ cats (and dogs) is going to be my lot for a while and it’s heartening to think there are still lots of them around despite the blossoming of high-rises. You’ve gathered quite a collection of furry friend shots, EllaDee, but I do like Ted taking ownership of your bag – don’t they make you laugh? 🙂


    1. The G.O. is very fond of Ted, hence the phrase “Ted’s the Man!”
      I’m sure you will have no trouble finding furry friends. There’s been no lack for us since moving back to the city 🙂
      I think, actually I know, people look at us in wonder(?) as we stand and chat to the cats or as one comes running up the street to greet us.
      This morning, I realised as I was waiting for a train that the bottom of my trousers were covered in ginger cat fur…


  9. Really enjoyed the map and inhabitants of the route. (Some of the cats looks like they are attempting hypnosis on you…all hugs and pets welcomed.) Funny how cats adopt people and watch for frequent visitors. It does help to have cheery greetings along the way to work.
    There’s a pet in your future – these are just keeping your training up.
    Thanks for the link. It’s another day of fog here – promises of sun this afternoon – and if so we are going outside…again.Still damp from this morning’s walk – sun is better.


    1. Thank you. I moved elladee_images over to elladee_words and I think it the process re-pinged any links 🙂
      There certainly is fur magic at work in the neighborhood 🙂


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