Lunch Bites: AMP Centre

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It’s occurred to me that my current work-life existence may be due to a childhood wish gone askew. I may have as a golden haired child fond of the Rapunzel fairy tale made a wish to be a princess in a tower… dammit… I didn’t mean office tower…
My office building is the AMP Centre which according to Wiki is the 11th tallest building in Sydney.
Can you see my window on Level 26?

Interesting, my Google homepage quote today is…”I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” Douglas Adams

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17 thoughts on “Lunch Bites: AMP Centre

  1. Rapunzel indeed! Your photos make the old building look great still. I worked there – can’t remember which floor – back in 1969-70, can you believe – which goes to show you can escape 🙂


    1. My hair is longer that it’s ever been… a subconscious escape plan B? I tried to find some info on the building… it’s been around for a while as I’ve seen old photos of its construction which was topical at the time 🙂


  2. Aha!, what your childhood dream didn’t realise was that princesses in towers were usually help captive there, waiting to be rescued by their prince and be whisked off to their home in the country to live happily ever after.
    So in reality, the GO rescues you and whisks you off to Taylor’s Arms 🙂


    1. Haha… the G.O. does have the modern day version of a white horse… a white 4WD, which one day we will drive off into the sunset, to TA and beyond 🙂


  3. Rapunzel? What was my excuse? I worked in a few office towers and enjoyed it. Back then, it was part of the “city experience” and a dream fulfilled. I’ve since learned to dream bigger. 🙂


    1. I still remember my first visit half alifetime ago into a city skyscraper to see a client, my workplace those days was in a modest double story… I was sure when I got up to the client’s very high harbour view lobby that the bulding was swaying.
      My workplaces have varied from garages to basements to converted felt making factories. I don’t mind the tower, the view is good but after getting stuck in a lift last year… I’m not so fussed on the trips up and down.
      Learning to dream bigger is what life is all about 🙂


    1. Haha… I’m sure it feels like it some days 🙂
      I like looking up also… when my sister first moved to Sydney someone commented to her that they could tell she was from the country because she looked up…


  4. You can’t help but look up in Sydney, I was pretty amazed when I arrived there, and hugely jet-lagged went out for a walk in the centre one Friday arvo. Later on I worked in a few high-rise ones. Shell is the one I really remember though. Don’t know how many floors up but I was working as a tea woman so at morning and arvo breaks we had to dash into the lift shoot down, dash around the offices being servile to all the office workers, then dash back up again, unload the trolley sort it all out etc etc I felt sick every time I got in the lift. Glad when that job finished, I had better ones in sandwich bars and at Garden Island.


    1. I don’t remember a Shell building, the’ve probably decentralised their offices in the meantime.
      Weather and work have prevented me from getting back out… I was going to take pics of MoS, across the road but the forecourt was full of builders and utes, so the next Lunch Bites will hopefully be next week.
      The lifts are the downside… after being stuck in one, I don’t enjoy them at all.


      1. I don’t use them. Being claustrophobic and not liking heights it can cause problems when stairwells have glass walls though. But it stems from a physics lesson where we were discussing gravity and our teacher told us the only way you can avoid crashing with a lift if it loses control is to jump up at exactly the split second it crashes. Although possibly 26 floors might be a little too much for me these days 😦


        1. 26 floors up and down several times a day would be definately too much for me. I won;t miss the lift when I’m gone. I carry my phone always in the lift in case I get stuck again.


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