Here there be spiders – somewhere

Arachnophobes will be happy to know the spiders weren’t evident, only their webs.

We spent the Queen’s Birthday June long weekend at Taylors Arm, industrious by day, tidying, gardening and maintaining our home. We spent the evenings by the wood fire.

The morning sun was warm and illuminated the creations of the industrious nocturnal crafters in their Gardenia tree home adjacent to our front verandah.

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19 thoughts on “Here there be spiders – somewhere

    1. A honour bestowed upon/by the colonies… but as Easter falls in or close to April, as does ANZAC Day, we have Mothers Day in May, I guess June is the next best thing. We used to simultaneously celebrate Guy Fawkes aka Cracker Night but private fireworks are banned and it seems to have gone out of fashion. We have no more public holidays until Labour Day in October.
      I did kill a big cockroach… and then felt bad… should have just put it out.


  1. Jeez, you’ve got very industrious spiders in Oz, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many webs and so thick too.
    As RS has said, the Queen’s birthday isn’t celebrated here, though I did see the trooping of the colours on TV this morning.


    1. I’ve never seen so many webs before… I’m hoping they’re tiny spiders and not looking to stage a coup 😉
      I think it’s only we in HRH’s colonies who celebrate… commemorate really, as it’s not actually her birthday in June.


  2. Once I realized that the title wasn’t a metaphor, I skipped right to the comments. I have a sudden urge to check my supply of bug spray. One can never have enough. 🙂
    I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, EllaDee.


  3. It’s tooooo many webs for me, EllaDee – where there’s a web there’s a spider lurking somewhere, probably hatching eggs and before you know it the gardenia will be swarming with scuttling arachnids ….. can’t stick around, sorry 🙂


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