Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney – Herbs (3)

I needed a breath of fresh air and despite the weather not appearing as fine when looking out my window as at the computer’s Temperature & Time display, I decided a short walk and a few pictures of the Herb Garden in the Royal Botanic Gardens was in order, which given the season is not at its best but still balm for the spirit, and food for future garden making thoughts.

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6-06-2013 12-58-59 PM

12 thoughts on “Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney – Herbs (3)

    1. I tbink the herb garden is my favourite part of the gardens… There have been times I’ve had many thoughts walking around it or sitting on a bench 🙂


  1. Yet another part of the gardens I don’t recognise/remember!

    I love the moodiness of the oppressive clouds, really make for interesting photos. And the nearness of those tall buildings is quite surreal.

    You’ve reminded me I haven’t been to our gardens for a while, so might wander up that way as I need to go to a supermarket for some pickle anyway. Will make for a pleasant detour.


    1. Despite the weather widget saying clear, it wasn’t and the phone camera isn’t great in low light…
      It’s been a great incentive to get out but I never have enough time, however the G.O. says he wants to go into the gardens on his birthday… so if it is a nice day we will, and I’ll take the proper camera.
      I imagine the Gib gardens would be lovely in summer 🙂


  2. A very characterful time of year, I think, with interesting plants hanging in and others thriving – and the sculptures and buildings coming into their useful time now the plants aren’t always centre stage – but lets face it, that orange shrub (I wonder what it is?) will outshine anything man-made! Hope you didn’t get caught in a storm on the way hone 🙂


    1. Thank you… there wasn’t a lot of colour in the garden but what was there popped… there was a gorgeous purple iris but it was close to a sleeping daytime resident on a bench who I didn’t want to disturb…
      The weather was that kind of sultry that Sydney does well and nothing much came of it 🙂


  3. Yes, the weather may not have been the best and many of the plants are well past their prime but there’s still something rewarding walking around a large garden. Our Botanical Garden is a drab, desolate place once the leaves have fallen in Autumn and through Winter. Yet, I still enjoy walking the grounds. There’s beauty to be found in Nature, no matter the season.


    1. I’ve spent a lot of time in that herb garden over the years, in all seasons, it has such a homey feel.
      That’s the joy of botanic gardens I think, experiencing the different seasons 🙂


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