Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney – Rosy (2)

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I needed to shop during my lunch break today, so thinking to follow on from yesterday I detoured via the Rose Garden in the Royal Botanic Gardens, took far too long snapping pics but could have lingered longer as it is a lovely area. I had to speed walk down to George Street, grab the items I needed and sushi, then rush back to the office for lunch as I was starving.



Later, this is how the evening began…

999 Evening

30-05-2013 2-34-44 PM

16 thoughts on “Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney – Rosy (2)

  1. Considering it’s winter in your neck of the woods, your weather looks wonderful. I’m envious.
    I love the sign in the first pic ‘please walk on the grass’, how lovely, it’s usually ‘DO NOT’ on signs here.
    The rose in the last pic is beautiful, I’ve never seen a candy striped rose before.

    Oh, I see WP is at it again……. not informing me of any updates to your blog 😦


    1. The weather, aside from a few recent chilly days and fog, has been spectacular and unusual.
      It’s warmed up again, and the fog has gone so I will be able to resume my normal early morning walk today but regardless, I’ll try to slip over to the gardens a couple of times a week, it’s a bit rushed but it’s nice to get out.
      I hadn’t seen a candy striped rose like it either, and I was happy the bee stayed in place for the pic 🙂


  2. Still lots of buds on the roses, how terrific. Sorry you had to tear away but lovely to wiggle our toes on the lawn for a while 🙂
    PS – The sign, at the bottom, no cycling, skating, dogs and what?


    1. Yes, I thought that too… there were still heaps of roses out.
      I had to zoom in, but the last ‘no’ was ‘no balls’… Fair enough, imagine the damage a game of soccer could do to a garden and the grass… There are sporting areas nearby at the Domain.
      To take photos makes it a bit of a rush but I’ll make designated toe wiggling visits as well:)


  3. Given how close we live to the city, it’s a shame that we haven’t spent more time wandering around that part of town. Will have to rectify that! Beautiful photos ED, both this post and the previous one. I’ll have to look for the polaroid setting on my iPhone! 🙂


    1. My Android app with the Polaroid setting is Retro Camera but Instagam probably has it too. Another fun app I’ve been playing with is Retouch (Free) which lets you erase pesky people & objects that are in the wrong spot… so many apps and settings, so little time.
      The G.O. & I keep saying we must come in to the Gardens on a Sunday, but it is his only day off usually, and it goes so quickly. My favourite time is Spring because I just love when all the bulb plants are in bloom 🙂


  4. Don’t you just love it when you get absorbed in something, such as taking photos. Doesn’t work understand that somethings are more important than sitting in the office?! Although I have to say that as a teacher I couldn’t be late. Otherwise I would have had 25 little darlings running around like little mad things!


    1. It just feels so unfair, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the grass is growing… and I have to get back. I could sneak in late pretending I was coming from another floor, but the sunnies are a give away.


  5. Look at those roses! How nice to see them so late in the season. If it weren’t for the long shadows during your lunch time, a foreigner like myself would never know that your Winter is beginning.


  6. I don’t remember the rose garden. I remember palm trees and lush subtropical plants. Although it could have changed in 28 years. I used to walk across the Domain barefoot into town carrying my sandals in my hand. Happy days.


    1. I’m not sure how long the rose garden has been there, 12 plus years at least I can recall. Yes, it’s a great place for walking on the grass barefoot 🙂


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