Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney (1)

Foggy Sydney
Foggy Sydney

Given my office is a short distance of 1 traffic light crossing over & 2 traffic light crossings along from one of the entrances to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, I should go there more often that I do.
One of the problems is, the gardens are too nice. Once you get to wandering in lunch time sunshine, the last path you want to take is the one that leads back to your desk.
Today, the weather was just too nice to spend the hour indoors. Also the early mornings have been chilly, damp and foggy so I have forgone my usual walk. I’m craving physical exercise and the accompanying mental quietude.

So after a quick bite to eat I donned sunglasses, grabbed my phone and out I went. On my walk back from a circuit of the gardens I put the phone’s camera setting onto Polaroid and took a few shots of the harbour and cityscape.

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I think I’ll make this a regular thing on sunny Sydney winter work days.

29-05-2013 2-12-50 PM_Sydney NSW Australia

13 thoughts on “Lunch Bites: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney (1)

  1. What a lovely idea – a walk in the Gardens after lunch – on a sunny Sydney winter’s day. Can’t be many things better than that, with those blue blue skies and the trees, and the water sparkling away over the mellow stone wall. Must feel good. 🙂


    1. Thank you. The gardens are wonderful, and I should go more but despite its proximity it is always a rush to go and get back in an hour.
      At one stage I was living out of the city, working on contract and staying in a nearby hotel weeknights, and kept my sanity with early morning and where possible evening walks in the gardens… it became like my own backyard, so I’m very fond of it 🙂


  2. I remember Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens quite well, EllaDee. Such a gem! How nice that you work close enough to stroll through it whenever you like. I must admit, though, that a Winter day in Sydney could not be more different from a Winter day in Chicago. 🙂


    1. I was thinking of you… I’m hoping I get the magic combo of good winter weather and enough time to take a walk in the gardens a couple of times a week to do some more 🙂


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