Celi’s challenge – what I see from my back porch

Celi asked “I have a challenge for you. What do you see from your Back Porch or Back Doorstep?”

This was not straight forward for me to fulfil.

This is our Erskineville apartment balcony. We don’t have a back porch, just a door in from the lobby.

Erko view
Erko view with train
This is the view I see most. From my office desk.
office view
office view

This is where I’d rather be. At Taylors Arm. This is one of the views from the back porch.

2 kookaburras
TA view with kookaburras

18 thoughts on “Celi’s challenge – what I see from my back porch

  1. Brava you for capturing the train! Where I’m camping right now the train’s at the end of the street, out the back window and every time I hear one approach I leap for the camera but by the time I’ve loaded it and opened the back door it’s nothing but sound again! Must be very slow off the mark because it ain’t a fast train!


  2. It’s a wonderful challenge isn’t it ( been busy so I’m behind and trying to catch up)
    Somehow seeing the views seen everyday make everyone seem so much more real….(we aren’t all just chatting with some really smart computer designed to create blog traffic so someone can make money….no?…that’s a few years down the road probably?)
    Enjoyed visiting.


    1. Thanks – I had fun yesterday checking out the views linked to the comments on Celi’s post.
      Yep, despite our blogging interests we are real people with real lives and porches of some kind beyond the keyboard, that’s what makes it so wonderful 🙂


    1. Oh yeah… I hadn’t juxtaposed the views before… The Sydney Harbour view was taken yesterday when it was the miserablest of days, which didn’t do it any favours.


    1. Yep. Train. It is silver so difficult to discern but the yellow doors give it away. The trains’ impact is more audible (believe me!) than visible.
      The little park is nice, and we see the odd possum and birds.


    1. It’s great to see them. Almost a decade ago there weren’t too many in the area but the seasons have been good evidently, and we regularly see and hear about a dozen 🙂


  3. We used to live in inner Sydney in a unit in a past life, I have to say that view from your office is not too bad. Mine used to be a brick wall . Thank you and I am so enjoying linking surroundings to the names I see most days on Celi’s blog. Joy


    1. I have enjoyed checking out the various views also… Bloggers are real people with real lives 😉 I have to say this is the first time in a long working life I have had such a view – normally it’s a beige wall, with one memorable job & premises where I had the luxury of a window that opened… in Leichhardt, so you had to shut the window when a plane flew overhead while you were on the phone!


    1. Thank you – unfortunately the last view is the one we see least, for the moment anyway.
      Maybe you have another door where the view is better 🙂


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