16 thoughts on “rich in life

    1. The sculpture appears to be made of concrete of some sort. We love the remnants of the old signs – it’s great that one is intact even though faded 🙂


  1. Wonderful captures, as always, EllaDee. Some of that street art is really beautiful, though I especially liked the Goodrich sign. Taking an elevated train into/out of The Loop, there are a a few similar signs yet visible, a couple only came to light when an adjacent building was demolished for whatever reason. Scanning for them during my commute was infinitely more preferable to mulling over the work day.


    1. Thank you – I love discovering the old signs, either in a new neighbourhood, or as you say often the case when an old building comes down. The BF Goodrich sign is in a private yard but on a main highway I drive regularly but unitl we walked past I hadn’t noticed it 🙂


    1. The wonders of photography… the day was glary… i wasn’t sure if the image would come out. Those old signs are like little time capsules.


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